Name: Marty Emerson
Age: 27
Hometown: Durham maine
Race Series: PASS Outlaw
Car: 1994 howe chevrolet #01
Sponsors: 1800-divorce shankman assoc., emerson trucking, final lap ice creamshack, beauileu const. shain's of maine ice,

Pit Crew:
me everything
Rob Chandler set-up
Corey Morgan

Racing Stats:
Limited Rookie of the Year OPS in '04
I think? a few enduro wins back in the "fun days".

Q. How did you get started in racing?
A. My uncle mostly plus im competive so it didn't take much for me to get that racin bug.

Q. What is your most memorable moment in your racing career?
A. I guess it would be shareing the podium with my family my only win so far at ops was an enduro, Zack finished 2nd. Larry 4th the next enduro Zack won but thrown out 'cause him and Jim Davis ended in the 'crete wich moved larry 1st and me 3rd, yeah I think that was the finnishing order that time?

Q. What’s your favorite track to race at?
A. Cannan NH. it's smooth & fast!, ran quite well there 2yrs ago thanks a ton to Corey Morgan.

Q. What are your plans for the 2007 season?
A. Mud racing

Q. Who is you strongest completion for the (series) championship?
A. Championship? I got my rookie of the year 'cause that was my goal that year was the most I've ever spent so far in racing , championships takes to much money, crew, and time, and I just don't have all those things yet.

Q. Now that the TD Banknorth 250 is a Late Model Race, will you be entering?
A. Not with a st. rail car I was plannin on running OPS pro stocks in 07 and maybe to get in to the 250 unfortualy I woun't have that chance right now.

Q. Tell us about your paint scheme on the 01 race car.
A. '06 was gonna be a short year for us so a good moto I heard a while ago is "if you can't be fast be noticed" and what's more noticable than the General Lee the kids loved the theme and I truly belive you gotta get the kids involved or racings gunna dry up. that goes on the same reason why I still use an open trailor. I want the kids to say "hey dad look at that car" who knows maybe later that night there in the stands and now i've got a new fan.

Q. Will you be running the new outlaw body style this year?
A. No i'll be mud truck racing unfortualy due to low funds and crew commetment.

Q. What do you like to do when you are not racing?
A. Think about racing, watch racing, playing on the 4wheeler, and anything else thats fast.