Wiscasset Raceway officially ushered in the start of the 2007 Maine racing season on Saturday afternoon as Delwin Philbrick Well Drilling of Sidney presented Opening Day at the state’s fastest track. The large crowd that packed the stands was greeted by blue skies and temps near 70, making most feel like the one week delay to the start of the season was worth the wait. In the end it was a great day for Chelsea’s Maurice Young and Sidney’s Chris Thorne. Young turned in a dominant win in the 75 lap Strictly Street co-main event, leading the final 70 laps.

He was joined in victory lane by defending champ Dave Brannon of Topsham and Bobby Mesimer of Woolwich. In the 30 lap Late Model co-main event an extra $1000 was on the table, thanks to sponsor Delwin Philbrick. Thorne patiently worked the outside grove and took the lead from Liberty’s Bryan Robbins on a late race restart. From there he held off Robbins over the final five laps to post the win and pocket the $1700 winner’s check. Other winners on opening day included Freeport’s Tom Young in the Super Streets; Pittston’s Shawn Kimball in the Stock Mini’s; Montville’s Tyler Tibbetts in the Teen Division; Kristy Millay of Palermo in the Ladies Division; and Windham’s Chris Seavey in the NELCAR Legends. Wiscasset Raceway will return to action on Saturday April 28th at 2:00pm with the season’s first Double Points Day. All six weekly divisions will be in action, plus NELCAR Legends and Bailey’s Midcoast Mini Cup League. For more information, call the Wiscasset Raceway office at (207) 589-4780 or check the website at www.wiscassetraceway.us.

Four former track champions lined up in the top five for the start of the 75 lap Strictly Street main event. Cushing’s Steve Peirpont took the pole position with defending champ Dave Brannon to his outside. The two would trade the lead until Brannon’s car shut down on the front stretch to complete lap four to bring out the first caution of the race. On the ensuing restart 4-time Strictly champ Maurice Young, who started 3rd, took the lead from Peirpont on lap five and then pulled away to a comfortable lead. Pierpont would then tangle with former champ Mike Moody of Bath on the front stretch in a heated race for 2nd to bring out the next caution on lap 14. The field would once shuffle behind the leader, with Brannon picking his way back into contention along with Peirpont’s brother Ed Pierpont, up from his 9th starting spot. A minor spin by Ian Bresnahan brought out the next caution on lap 24 with Brannon directly behind Young for the restart. Things would then settle down through the mid point of the race. Young kept Brannon a safe 4 to 5 car length behind until the final caution flew on lap 64. Over the final ten laps Young and Brannon held firm to the top two positions while the Pierpont brothers and others battled for the final spot in victory lane. It was Bobby Mesimer of Woolwich who would step up from his 6th position at the restart and race his way to the 3rd place trophy. Ed Peirpont settled for 4th followed by his brother Steve. In the 30 Lap Late Model feature it looked like it would be Liberty’s Bryan Robbins race to win. The former track champ, who led the division with 6 feature wins in 2006 started from the pole position and looked strong in the early going, holding off challenges from Nick Reno and Chris Thorne. Thorne turned out to be the only driver able to keep pace with Robbins, but his repeated attempts at an outside pass would be shut down. Two early cautions would thin out the 21 car field, but it was a restart with five laps to go that would turn the tables in Thorne’s favor. As Robbins and Thorne came out of turn four to take the green flag, Robbins car would break loose and nearly collect Thorne in the process. The second-generation racer stayed cool under pressure and was able to get around Robbins to take the lead as the headed for turn one. Robbins made a great save himself and managed to hold onto 2nd. With clear racetrack ahead of him, Thorne would hold off Robbins and drive to the big payoff. The father and son combo of Steve and Nick Reno put on a great battle for the final spot in victory lane. While Steve crossed the line in third, the trophy would eventually go to his son Nick after his car failed post race inspection.

In other action, Freeport’s Tom Young led the 25 lap Super Street feature wire to wire for a convincing win. A half straightaway behind him a pair of Super Street veterans put on the race of the afternoon as Bernie Dinsmore and R.J. Austin went door to door for 15 laps. Austin made the outside pass on Dinsmore and matched his career best at Wiscasset in 2nd. Dinsmore settled for 3rd. In the 20 lap Stock Mini feature Skowhegan’s Bryan Lancaster looked like a winner from the pole position until turn four of the final lap. He chose the wrong side of a lapped car and defending champ Shawn Kimball of Pittston dove below both of them and stole the win by a half car length at the line. Lancaster would settle for 2nd. 3-time champ Rob Greenleaf of West Bath recovered for a near spin late in the race to secure the 3rd place trophy. Kristy Millay of Palermo took the lead from defending champ Marje Albert at the midpoint of the Ladies Division 10 lap feature and drove off to the win. Millay led all drivers at Wiscasset in 2006 with 8 feature wins. Marje Albert would be joined in victory lane by her daughter Kayla, making the first mother-daughter top three finish at Wiscasset. Defending Teen Division champ Tyler Tibbetts was a runaway winner in the Teen Division 10 lap feature. He was joined in victory lane by Cody Sleeper of Chelsea with a career best 2nd followed by Taylor Turner of Washington. Chris Seavey of Windham passed pole sitter Jacob Dore of Sanford to take the lead early and then race to the win in the 25 lap NELCAR Legend feature.



1. Maurice Young – Chelsea; 2. Dave Brannon – Topsham; 3. Bobby Mesimer – Woolwich; 4. Ed Peirpont – Jefferson; 5. Steve Peirpont – Cushing; 6. Zac Creamer – Bath; 7. Shawn Dumont – Chelsea; 8. Ian Bresnahan – Bath; 9. Mike Moody – Bath; 10. Jim Davis Jr – Sabattus; 11. Mike Short – Auburn; 12. Ethan Dinsmore – Hope; 13. Mike Stewart – Durham; 14. Rick Thompson – n/a; 15. Mike St Germain – Auburn; 16. Kelly Rogers – Augusta; 17. Derek Mingo – Ellsworth; 18. Jeff Merrill – n/a


1. Chris Thorne – Sidney; 2. Bryan Robbins – Liberty; 3. Nick Reno – West Bath; 4. Kevin Sherman – Wiscasset; 5. Seth Raven – Waldo; 6. Puncin St Clair – Liberty; 7. Erik Nash – Richmond; 8. Randy Turner – Freedom; 9. Bill Pinkham – Wiscasset; 10. James Osmond – Gardiner; 11. Fred Brown – Winterport; 12. Bob Seager Jr – Winterport; 13. Mike Orr – Wiscasset; 14. Josh St Clair – Liberty; 15. Dan Trask – Chelsea; 16. Craig Robbins – Oakland; 17. Jason Oakes – Boothbay; 18. Duane Love – West Gardiner; 19. Dale Cullivan – Palermo; 20. Steve Reno – West Bath (DQ); 21. Jeff Burgess – Oakland (DNS)


1. Tom Young – Freeport; 2. R.J. Austin – Smithfield; 3. Bernie Dinsmore – Hope; 4. Jeremy Glasier – Appleton; 5. Josh Bailey – Wiscasset; 6. Will Collins – Appleton; 7. John Kalel Jr – Orrington; 8. Brian Fortin – S.China; 9. Ron Gibson – Appleton; 10. Kurt Hewins – Leeds; 11. Donnie Stuart – Pittston; 12. Ernie Wallace – Winterport; 13. Jeff Marshall – n/a; 14. Adam Chadbourne – Woolwich; 15. Jason Larrabee – n/a; 16. Matt Richards – n/a; 17. Paul Hopkins – Camden (DNS)


1. Shawn Kimball – Pittston; 2. Bryan Lancaster – Skowhegan; 3. Rob Greenleaf – West Bath; 4. Gary Blackman – Boothbay; 5. Brent Roy – Vassalboro; 6. Pete McCollat – Randolph; 7. Mike Wilson – Chelsea; 8. Mike Dulaney – Richmond; 9. Dylan Lancaster – Skowhegan; 10. Shawn Dinsmore – Newcastle; 11. James Henderson – Chelsea; 12. Jeff Minchin – Pittston; 13. Jeremy Douglas – Waterville; 14. Scott Grant – West Gardiner; 15. Rob Pellotte – Waterville; 16. John Smith – Augusta; 17. Tom Minchin – Pittston; 18. Fred Wallace – Alna; 19. Ken Edgecomb – Readfield; 20. Greg Graziosso – Whitefield; 21. Dan Somes – Sidney; 22. Ralph Felker – Poland; 23. Nate Littlefield – Wiscasset (DNS)


1. Kristy Millay – Palermo; 2. Marje Albert – Chelsea; 3. Kayla Albert – Chelsea; 4. Elaine Alexander – Augusta; 5. Cassandra St Clair – Liberty; 6. Chelsea Young – Winterport; 7. Carol Wilson – Chelsea


1. Tyler Tibbetts – Montville; 2. Cody Sleeper – Chelsea; 3. Taylor Turner – Washington 4. Ryan Hayes – Jefferson; 5. Thomas True – n/a; 6. Kayla Albert – Chelsea; 7. Ed Sleeper – Vassalboro; 8. Nick Hinkley – Wiscasset; 9. Grace Pinkham – Wiscasset; 10. Natasha Dyer – Arrowsic; 11. Jordan Hawes – Skowhegan; 12. Jerrod Dinsmore – Cushing (DNS)


1. Chris Seavey – Windham; 2. Jacob Dore – Sanford; 3. Steve Fox – Falmouth; 4. Bob Weymouth – Topsham; 5. Josh Leach – Islesboro; 6. Ed Getty – Gray; 7. Terry Kirk – Durham; 8. Mike Fuschwanz – Vassalboro; 9. Marc Fuschwanz – Vassalboro; 10. Charlie Buxton – Windham; 11. Nick Brown – Topsham; 12. Patrick Stewart – Beverly, MA