OXFORD, Maine – When your last name is Childs, you’re pretty much expected to win early and often in your career at Oxford Plains Speedway.
After a solid rookie campaign in 2006, Mark Childs Jr. didn’t waste much time adding his name to the family roll call in the OPS record book. Childs captured the third and final 30-lap Macdonald Motors Runnin’ Rebel feature in his second start of the season Wednesday night at Oxford Plains Speedway.
While Childs’ conquest was a career first, three drivers remained unbeaten on the young season in the second week of Oxford Acceleration Series competition.

In additional Runnin’ Rebel action, Tyson Jordan ended a three-year victory drought by claiming the checkers on a technicality, while Gregg Norton inched closer to the top of the all-time win list with a wire-to-wire score.
Chimney Tech Outlaw drivers sat out a bye week after enjoying a Wednesday-Saturday doubleheader week to christen the campaign. With the exception of the upstart Renegades, each of the other divisions on the abbreviated docket turned 10 extra feature laps.
The bonus time didn’t make a difference for Childs, who made his winning pass to the outside on lap 15 after a spirited duel with Craig Pyy throughout the first half of the event. Childs and Pyy diced it out side-by-side for most of that stretch.
“I think I did a pretty good job,” said Childs. “It’s my first win at Oxford, so I’m excited about that. It was a long race. My mouth is dry.”
Childs became the 11th member of his extended family to win a feature at the historic oval. His father, uncles and cousins had accumulated 144 victories entering this season.
Each member of the eventual top four was seeking his first Oxford win. Pyy held on for second ahead of Brandon Munroe and teenager Josh Childs, who could expand the family album to include an even dozen victory lane photos in a matter of weeks. Troy Jordan edged teammate and opening-night winner Matt Dufault for fifth.
Rebel race two was easily the most entertaining feature of the night, but it was marred by the post-race disqualification of apparent winner Derek Cook.
Cook spent the second half of the event one car length ahead of a furious battle between Tyson Jordan and Jim Hart. Jordan held second (ultimately the lead) from laps 5 to 15, until Hart forged ahead for six circuits. Jordan reclaimed the advantage for three turns around the track, with Hart taking another turn with a quarter panel in front until the white flag lap.
Jordan won the drag race back to the stripe and subsequently claimed the victory when Cook’s machine failed inspection. Hart ascended to second, with Wal-Mart Rookie of the Year candidate Brian Hawthorne a career-best third.
Hawthorne held Jeff Beaule at bay in another side-by-side scramble for position, with Charlie Webster completing the revised top five.
Norton didn’t make the call for last week’s race after his car suffered mechanical problems in practice. Last year’s Agren Appliance Grand Slam champion says those maladies aren’t all cured, yet, but Norton had ample car to collect the opening 30-lap Rebel win over Jason Cummings.
“It was so-so. Just four hours ago, this engine was in about 100 pieces,” Norton said. “It’s still not going right, but I was lucky enough to start up front, and I’ll take it whatever way I can get it. Jason Cummings didn’t make it too easy for me. He’s going to be fast.”
A last-lap collision between Jay Dufour and David Cook cleared a path for James Wood to finish third in front of Brad Dwinal and Patrick Elsman.
Norton’s 14th Rebel victory pulled him within one of Gary Chiasson for the all-time lead. Chiasson is now an Oxford Networks Late Model competitor.
Burns took the Truck lead from Lee Spurling on lap 10. Without a caution flag to slow his progress, the second-year driver tripped the wire three-quarters of a lap ahead of runner-up Rick Hebert. They were the only two trucks on the lead lap.
“I’m off to a good year, I guess,” said Burns, who won three times in his 2006 rookie season. “Tonight was a lot of fun. It’s rewarding when you work on your car or truck all week at home and get 10 extra laps to race.”
While there was no drama over the top spot, Roger Allard and Kevin Oliver gave fans their money’s worth in a ferocious battle for third. Allard claimed the final trophy by a matter of feet before the two trucks crossed the line sideways. John Lizotte fought off Scott Marston’s late charge to maintain fifth.
Brackett’s current winning streak is now at four Ladies events dating back to last season. She needed only eight laps to reel in early leaders Kimberly Sessions and Christina Spaulding and land the lead.
Caution slowed the race on lap 14 when Spaulding and Deanna Bisbee spun while dueling for second place. Brackett gradually pulled away from past champion Lisa Vining in the closing stages and prevailed going away.
“The ten laps gave everybody a little extra time to make a run for it,” said Brackett.
Vining enjoyed the runner-up laurels. Last week’s third, fourth and fifth-place finishers crossed the line in the same order: Cathy Manchester, Debbie Marston and Dottie Patria.
John Childs played the rabbit for one lap before Heath made like a greyhound and assumed command of the Renegade exhibition.
“He was pretty fast tonight,” Heath said. “Once he gets that push sorted out, he’s going to be tough to beat.”
Ken Marston took home third for the second straight week.
The Acceleration Series continues next Wednesday, May 16 at 6:30 p.m. On Saturday night, the Macdonald Motors Runnin’ Rebels will wage their first round of Agren Appliance Grand Slam competition in conjunction with the Oxford Championship Series. Qualifying begins at 6:30 p.m.

MACDONALD MOTORS RUNNIN' REBEL #1 (30 laps): 1. Gregg Norton, Lewiston; 2. Jason Cummings, Waterford; 3. James Wood, New Gloucester; 4. Brad Dwinal, Freeport; 5. Patrick Elsman, Hebron; 6. Bill Grover, Topsham; 7. Charlie Hall, Oxford; 8. Carl Conant, Lewiston; 9. Jay Dufour, Lewiston; 10. David Cook, Lewiston; 11. Ray Files, South Paris; 12. Tim Hatstat, Norway; 13. Paul Cook, Mechanic Falls; 14. Travis Pearl, Auburn; 15. Ryan Philbrick, Wilton; 16. Gene White, Lisbon; 17. Scott Perkins, Oxford; 18. Ryan Varney, Oxford; 19. Dee Dee Guerette, Auburn; 20. Todd Foss, Windham.

MACDONALD MOTORS RUNNIN' REBEL #2 (30 laps): 1. Tyson Jordan, Poland; 2. Jim Hart, Buckfield; 3. Brian Hawthorne, New Gloucester; 4. Jeff Beaule, Lewiston; 5. Charlie Webster, Auburn; 6. Brady Romano, Livermore Falls; 7. Errol Smith, Stow; 8. Bill Dunphy, New Gloucester; 9. Jason Hannigan, Greene; 10. Justin Hynes, Windham; 11. Jeff Trafford, Leeds; 12. Dustan Moreau, Waterboro; 13. Martin Krauter, Raymond; 14. Mike Ward, Harrison; 15. Ralph Felker, Poland; 16. Ken Whittemore, Greene; 17. Gerard Cote, Oxford; 18. Monica Martin, South Paris.
MACDONALD MOTORS RUNNIN' REBEL #3 (30 laps): 1. Mark Childs Jr., Mechanic Falls; 2. Craig Pyy, Gorham; 3. Brandon Munroe, New Gloucester; 4. Josh Childs, Oxford; 5. Troy Jordan, Buckfield; 6. Matt Dufault, Turner; 7. Nic Stanley, Buckfield; 8. Derek Cairns, Waterford; 9. Doug Degroat, Oxford; 10. Cole Flagg, Livermore; 11. Scott Farrington, Oxford; 12. Rick Giguere, Auburn; 13. Nathan Guptill, North Turner; 14. Kyle Hewins, Leeds; 15. Kevin Noyes, Raymond; 16. Randy Nutter, Auburn; 17. Jeff Hebert, Auburn; 18. Zach Audet, Wilton; 19. Jamie Leavitt, Minot.
CALL OF THE WILD RV CENTER SPORT TRUCK (30 laps): 1. Jake Burns, Gray; 2. Rick Hebert, Peru; 3. Roger Allard, Harpswell; 4. Kevin Oliver, Gray; 5. John Lizotte, Mechanic Falls; 6. Scott Marston, Mechanic Falls; 7. Corey Williams, Sumner; 8. Ryan Farrar, Oxford; 9. Doug Stevens, West Sumner; 10. Brian Farrar, Sumner; 11. Yogi Hiscock, Jay; 12. Joe Farrar, Oxford; 13. Gale Williams, Sumner; 14. Mark Welch, Hartford; 15. Marvin Hamilton, New Gloucester; 16. Tom Libby, Gorham; 17. Lee Spurling, New Gloucester; 18. Doug Degroat, Oxford; 19. Gerard Cote, Oxford; 20. Herb Farrar, Sumner.
ALLEN'S COFFEE FLAVORED BRANDY LADIES (30 laps): 1. Vanna Brackett, Buckfield; 2. Lisa Vining, Auburn; 3. Cathy Manchester, Gray; 4. Debbie Marston, Hartford; 5. Dottie Patria, Turner; 6. Deanna Bisbee, South Paris; 7. Sue Veinott, Sabattus; 8. Lisa Brooks, Auburn; 9. Missy Roussel, Oxford; 10. Christina Spaulding, Lewiston; 11. Annie Chartier, Mexico; 12. Shannon Wheeler, Auburn; 13. Alyshia Chapman, Lewiston; 14. Kimberly Sessions, Oxford.
CRAZY HORSE RACING ENGINES RENEGADE (10 laps): 1. Jamie Heath, Waterford; 2. John Childs, Leeds; 3. Ken Marston, Hartford.

Vanna Brackett breezed to the Allen’s Coffee Flavored Brandy Ladies victory, Jake Burns nearly lapped the field in a dominating Call of the Wild RV Center Sport Truck run, and Jamie Heath backed up his opening-night triumph in the Crazy Horse Racing Engines Renegade dash.