(Hermon, Me) Mothers Day marked the official opening day for Speedway 95, in Hermon, with three 50-lap races to kick off the season.

Bobby Seger, Jr. of Frankfort was on fire, literally, to start the Dysart’s ProStock 50-lapper, the first race of the division’s three race series. Before the green flag flew, Seger experienced a fluid leak that caused the flames, which were quickly put out. Pole Sitter Ryan Deane of Winterport battled the defending champion, John Phippen Jr. for the lead, until Phippen ran into trouble, spinning out in turn four. Phippen, believing he had time to avoid the upcoming traffic, got back onto the track at lap 25 in front of the leaders, causing the field to scatter, and drawing out a caution flag. As a result, Phippen fell off the lead lap. Paul White from Corinna took advantage of the chaos to put him self in a position to grab the lead, and the win. Deane took second, with his brother-in-law, Jessie Smith of Bangor in third.

Despite three cautions, Brenton Parritt of Stueben found himself in a comfortable lead in the 50-lap Coca Cola Limited Sportsman Series, leading the field by the length of the straightaway at the checkered flag. Rowland Robinson, Sr., of Steuben took second, and Fred “Pee Wee” Brown of Winterport crossed for third. Last week’s winner, Dave St. Clair of Liberty dealt with mechanical issues that forced him down 13 laps at the finish.

The first race in the 50-lap CAM II racing Fuels Super Street Series started off with last years champion, John Kalel, II of Orrington spinning out between turns one and two at the green flag. Kalel, got back underway, and stayed on the lead lap despite the setback at race, and recovered to take second. After a tough start to the season, Joe Legere of Milford made a comeback by pulling in front of Glenburn’s Steve Moulton to earn the win. Moulton fell back to finish the race third.

It was almost caution free for the Strictly Streets, with Shawn Sperrey of Hermon preventing a sweep by Jim Carr, Jr. of Clifton. Carr who started from the rear would have to settle for the second spot by just inches, with the pair coming to the checkered flag side by side. Sam Whitmore of Corinna ended the afternoon in third. There was only one caution in the race.

For two weeks in a row, the Sport Four division suffered 5 caution flags, and for the second week in a row, Lewis Batchelder emerged with the win. David Green of Hampden entered with winner circle in the second spot, and Adam Russell of Medford grabbed third place honors. The caution was displayed at laps 4, 8, 10, the restart of lap 10, and at lap 17.

Unofficial Results:

Daysart’s ProStocks (Series 1 of 3)

Finish Car # Name Town

1. 15 Paul White Corinna

2. 54 Ryan Deane Winterport

3. 55 Jessie Smith Bangor

4. 0 Dale Swoboda Hermon

5. 69 Doug Day Glenburn

Limited Sportsman (Coca-Cola SERIES 1 0f 3)
Finish Car # Name Town

1. 27 Brenton Parritt Steuben

2. 28 Rowland Robinson, Sr. Steuben

3. 48 Fred Brown Winterport

4. 15 Frank Moulton (Rookie) Liberty

5. 9 Stephen Swanson Trenton

Super Street (CAM II RACING FUELS SERIES 1 0f 3)

Finish Car # Name Town

1. 8 Joe Legere Milford

2. 5 John Kalel, II Orrington

3. 80 Steven Moulton Glenburn

4. 2 Keith Pierce Hudson

5. 57 John Carter Orrington

Strictly Street

Finish Car # Name Town

1. 82 Shawn Sperrey Hermon

2. 9 Jim Carr, Jr. Clifton

3. 40 Sam Whitmore Corinna

4. 12 Derek Mingo Lamoine

5. 28 Rowland Robinson, Jr. Steuben


Finish Car # Name Town

1. 23 Lewis Batchelder Dixmont

2. 16 David Green Hampden

3. 7 Adam Russell Medford

4. 66 Spencer Garvin Belfast

5. 1 Dan Quilla, Sr. Winterport

Speedway 95 returns to action Sunday May 20th at 2pm, with racing in 5 divisions including the first race in the 35-lap Strictly Street Division.