article by the "Amsoil Man" – Lee Mortenson


Bob Emery of Limington, Maine driver of the number 2 Chevy Camero in the PASS Sportsman Series

Bob has been racing for six years. He currently races in

the NASCAR Sport Series and in the Pro All Star Series,

Sport Division.


In 2005, he finished the Sport Series at 10th in points and

he improved in 2006 to finish 9th overall in points.

Bob hopes to continue to progress in this sport and turn it

from a hobby into a career. He continues to work and train

hard to improve himself as a driver.


AMSOIL Product Testimonial: We have run AMSOIL in our

rear ends since starting racing over 7 years ago. Our rear

end builder told us that once he puts the fluid in for that

year, there is no need to change it unless we develop a

leak. Seven years running and no failures–now that is a

testimony to greatness.