Speedway 95 News Release


By Bill DaButler

(Hermon, Me) The Coca Cola Limited Sportsman Series Championship was settled in a 50-lap feature Saturday July 28th at Maine’s family fun track, Speedway 95

            Despite leading every lap in the third and final race of the Coca Cola Limited Sportsman Series and coming home with the win, it was not Bobby Seger, Jr. of Frankfort who grabbed the series Championship, it was fourth place finisher Brenton Parritt of Steuben who had the most points and earned the title. Seger, who is headed off to NASCAR tech school this week did however, end his season with a dominate finish, over Deane Smart of Bradley who took second and Nick Jenkins of Milo who grabbed third from Parritt with two laps to go.

In the Dysart’s Sportsman ProStocks outside pole sitter Ryan Dean lead the field to victory lane over his brother-in-law, pole sitter Jesse Smith of Carmel. With Smith it second, it was points leader Paul White of Corinna who finished the race in third, and maintains a 27 point lead over John Phippen, Jr. of Town Hill in the caution free race.

            Recovering for a ninth place finish last week, points leader Steve Moulton of Glenburn grabbed the win in the Super Street race, besting defending champion, John Kalel, II of Orrington to the checkered flags. Van Kitchen grabbed third, and despite a confrontation, which included an angry driver chasing him around the track trying to run him off the track under caution, Smokin’ Joe Legere picked up the fourth spot.

            Jim Carr, Jr. of Clifton earned the outside pole, and the win in the Strictly Street race, with rookie Tim Daggett of Alton in second. The third and fourth spots, however, where up for grabs as Ellsworth’s Brad Norris, and Steuben’s Rowland “J.R. Rockin’” Robinson battled back and forth for the third spot. When it counted, in the final lap, it was Norris who would earn third, and Robinson settled for fourth.

            There were 6 cautions in the Sport-Four race; two of witch were red flags for rollovers. Mike Hopkins of Hermon worked his way, though the melee and took the win. Outside pole sitter, and point’s leader Lewis Batchelder of Dixmont finished second, and David Green of Hampden, drove his machine into a third place finish.


 Unofficial Results:

Dysart’s ProStocks

Finish   Car #            Name                            Town

1.         54            Ryan Deane                Winterport

2.         55            Jesse Smith                Bangor 

3.         15            Paul White                Corinna

4.         59            John Phippen             Town Hill

5.         0            Dale Swoboda                        Hermon

Limited Sportsman

Finish   Car #            Name                            Town

1.         07            Bobby Seger, Jr.                       Winterport

2.         24            Deane Smart                Bradley

3.         32            Nick Jenkins              Milo

4.         27            Brenton Parritt                Steuben

5.         28            Rowland Robinson, Sr.            Steuben

Super Street

Finish   Car #            Name                            Town

1.         80            Steve Moulton             Glenburn         

2.         5            John Kalel, II                         Orrington

3.         73            Van Kitchen              St. Albans

4.         8            Joe Legere               Milford

5.         3            Mike Overlock                        Franklin

Strictly Street

Finish   Car #            Name                            Town

1.         9            Jim Carr, Jr.             Clifton

2.         16            Tim Daggett              Alton

3.         8            Brad Norris                Ellsworth                     

4.         28            Rowland Robinson, Jr.            Steuben

5.         29            Derek Pearson              Glenburn 


Finish   Car #            Name                            Town

1.         50            Mike Hopkins             Hermon

2.         23            Lewis Batchelder             Dixmont

3.         16            David Green                Hampden

4.         0            Steve Heath                Brownville

5.         66            Spencer Garvin               Belfast

Speedway 95 returns to action Wednesday, August 1st for Varney GMC Wacky Wednesday, including Children’s Box Car races at 6:30pm. Weekend Racing, resumes Saturday August 5 at 7:00pm, with racing presented by R.H. Foster including the final race in the 50-lap CAM II racing fuels Super Street Series.