Speedway 95 News Release


By Bill DaButler

(Hermon, Me) After rain washed out Wacky Wednesday Action at Speedway 95, hope for racing on Thursday July 19th seemed dim, with the forecast calling for more rain. Despite a few quick showers, the race card was complete for the first, and hopefully last Wacky Thursday of the season.

There were two features for the Little Enduro class, with Old Town’s Jason Trundy taking the first win, over Andrew Crosby of Hermon. Crosby had a good shot at the win until lapped traffic gave Trundy the edge he needed to cross the finish line first. Keith Ogden of Old Town finished third. For the second feature, lapped traffic once again came into play. David Ogden of Old Town held the top spot for the all but 3 laps, until a lapped car caused the field to go three wide, and forced Ogden to go off the track, allowing Bobby Seger, Jr. of Frankfort to take the win. Keith Ogden grabbed the second spot, and Mike Ogden crossed the line for third. Mike Ogden was DQ-ed in a post race inspection handing third over to Winterport’s Travis Beal.

Despite a red flag rain delay at lap 2, the Big Enduro’s got back underway with a wet race track causing the drivers to take it easier for the remainder of the race. Alvin MacNevin of Clifton fought with Winterport’s Joey Doyan back and forth for the lead, each driver would capture the top spot, and then get squirrelly on the slick racing surface, and fall back to second. When the checkered flag fell, it was MacNevin who held out the longest to take the win, with Doyan in second. Shawn MacNevin of Newport finished third.

Point’s leader Lindsey Seekins was gaining on the leaders, and a good shot at the win after taking the heat race, but began to smoke in the final laps of the Ladies feature. Megan Allen of Winterport, and Nicky Smith battled for the top spot until lap 14, when Allen moved to the front and stayed there to take the win. Smith settled for second, with Billie Allen of Winterport in third. Seekins held her car together to finish fourth.

Pole Sitter Jim Carr, Jr. of Clifton owned the Full Size Pick-up race, leading every lap of the race, and staying ahead of Peter Drake of Holden, who would end the night second, despite several attempts to step up to the front. Keith Kingsbury of Winterport raced side by side in the final laps with Drake, but ended the night third.

Unofficial Results:

Little Enduro #1

Finish Car # Name Town

1. 02 Jason Trundy Old Town

2. 62 Andrew Crosby Hermon

3. 8 Keith Ogden Old Town

4. 39 Travis Beal Winterport

5. 59 Rick Adams Veasie
Little Enduro #2

Finish Car # Name Town

1. 80 Bobby Seger, Jr. Frankfort

2. 8 Keith Ogden Old Town

3. 39 Travis Beal Winter

4. 59 Rick Adams Veasie

5. 02 Jason Trundy Old Town
Big Enduro

Finish Car # Name Town

1. 79 Alvin MacNevin Clifton

2. 22 Joey Doyan Winterport

3. 13 Shawn MacNevein Newport

4. 25 Jonathan Coffin Steuben

5. 23 Duane Walton Glenburn

Finish Car # Name Town

1. 48 Meagan Allen Winterport

2. 80 Nicky Smith

3. 88 Billie Allen Winterport

4. 19 Lindsey Seekins Stockton Springs

5. 20 Kayla Allen Penobscot

Finish Car # Name Town

1. 5 Jim Carr, Jr. Clifton

2. 65 Peter Drake Holden

3. 18 Keith Kingsbury Winterport

4. 60 Jordan Pearson Glenburn

5. 06 Dana Harlow Bucksport

Speedway 95 returns to action Saturday July 21st at 7:00pm.