Clavet claims first in Outlaw; Goss breaks through in Rebel; Heath's streak stopped by John Childs on busy night at OPS

OXFORD, Maine – Fred Clavet said his pit crew completely overhauled the motor in his #71 Chimney Tech Outlaw ride after another frustrating run two weeks ago.

Guess it was worth the trouble. Clavet, a rookie in the Acceleration Series, dominated the opening round of three 20-lap Outlaw features Wednesday night for his first career victory at Oxford Plains Speedway.

Jerry Goss has experienced the thrill of victory before, but Wednesday's triumph in the Macdonald Motors Runnin' Rebel opener was his first in that four-cylinder class after a successful run in the Call of the Wild RV Center Sport Truck division.
In other action, John and Guy Childs family continued their extended family's phenomenal 2007 run at OPS. John ended Jamie Heath's 10-race winning streak in the Crazy Horse Racing Engines Renegade ranks, while Guy became the first four-time Outlaw winner of the season in the high-point nightcap.
Gordon Bell also was a winner in Outlaw competition, with Gregg Norton and Kyle Hewins returning to victory lane in the Runnin' Rebel group. Hewins' second straight victory pulled him into a tie with Tyson Jordan for the division point lead with only one race remaining next Wednesday night.
Rick Hebert (Truck) and Patty Brannon (Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy Ladies) also prevailed on a busy card.

1. Fred Clavet, Buckfield; 2. Phil Knowlton, Poland; 3. Dillon Coburn, Auburn; 4. Michael Haynes, Livermore Falls; 5. Gerry Richard, Leeds; 6. Jamie Phillips, Falmouth; 7. Leo Hatch, Norway; 8. Jonathan Baldwin, Auburn; 9. Michael Auger, West Paris; 10. Don Veinott, Sabattus; 11. Mike Blash, Oxford; 12. Maurice Martel Jr., Greene; 13. Curt Chapman, Lewiston; 14. Rodney Engelhaupt, Oxford; 15. Carey Robertson, Leeds; 16. Tim Hatch, Gorham; 17. Arthur Chartier, Mexico; 18. Mark Turner, Norway.
CHIMNEY TECH OUTLAW #2 (20 laps): 1. Gordon Bell, Auburn; 2. Kevin Plummer, Oxford; 3. Rick Vining, Bridgton; 4. Mark MacDonald, Center Conway, N.H.; 5. Tina Titus, Lisbon Falls; 6. Stan Morgan, Auburn; 7. Chip Wilson, Gray; 8. Jim Archer, Chesterville; 9. Mike Rainville, Littleton, N.H.; 10. Scott Ellis, Lewiston; 11. Ron Abbott Jr., Lewiston; 12. Scott Veinott, Turner; 13. Gerald Parlin, South Paris; 14. Kimberly Sessions, Auburn; 15. Zach Bowie, Lisbon Falls.
CHIMNEY TECH OUTLAW #3 (20 laps): 1. Guy Childs, Turner; 2. David Childs, Oxford; 3. Steve Moon, Gray; 4. Mike Ballard, Mechanic Falls; 5. Shannon Judd, Jay; 6. Addison Bowie, Auburn; 7. Randy Robitaille, Norway; 8. Dan Brown, Peru; 9. John Patria, Turner; 10. Bubba Collins, Lewiston; 11. Bob Ferguson, New Gloucester; 12. Jim Drake, Hebron; 13. Thom Bell, Minot; 14. Josh Paradis, Sumner; 15. John Spencer Jr., Auburn; 16. Jerry Freve, Buckfield; 17. Tom Averill, Peru; 18. Bruce Robertson, Leeds; 19. Richard Spaulding, Lewiston.
MACDONALD MOTORS RUNNIN' REBEL #1 (20 laps): 1. Jerry Goss, Mechanic Falls; 2. Josh Brown, Conway, N.H.; 3. David Childs, Oxford; 4. Gerry Record, Poland; 5. Calvin Rose Jr., Turner; 6. Nick Seames, Greenwood; 7. Jason Short, Mechanic Falls; 8. Brian Nason, Lewiston; 9. Mike Winslow, Poland; 10. Jeff Trafford, Leeds; 11. Mike Anderson, Lewiston; 12. Ryan Varney, Oxford; 13. Carl Conant, Lewiston; 14. Don Smith, Oxford; 15. Jason Cummings, Waterford; 16. Ken Daigle Jr., Lisbon; 17. Brandon Palmer, Bridgton.
MACDONALD MOTORS RUNNIN' REBEL #2 (20 laps): 1. Gregg Norton, Lewiston; 2. Craig Farrington, Hebron; 3. Zach Audet, Chesterville; 4. Brandon Munroe, New Gloucester; 5. Brian Hawthorne, New Gloucester; 6. Jay Dufour, Lewiston; 7. Charlie Webster, Auburn; 8. Martin Krauter, Raymond; 9. Randy Nutter, Auburn; 10. Darrell Moore, Mechanic Falls; 11. Bill Grover, Topsham; 12. Ken Whittemore, Greene; 13. Raymond Files, South Paris; 14. Brad Dwinal, Freeport; 15. Chuck Higgins, Monmouth.

MACDONALD MOTORS RUNNIN' REBEL #3 (20 laps): 1. Kyle Hewins, Leeds; 2. Tyson Jordan, Poland; 3. Nic Stanley, Buckfield; 4. Derek Cook, Livermore Falls; 5. Jim Hart, Buckfield; 6. Doug Degroat, Oxford; 7. Mike Ward, Harrison; 8. Jeff Beaule, Lewiston; 9. Bill Dunphy, New Gloucester; 10. Brady Romano, Livermore Falls; 11. James Wood, New Gloucester; 12. Logan Melcher, Livermore Falls; 13. Josh Childs, Oxford; 14. Jamie Leavitt, Minot.
CALL OF THE WILD RV SPORT TRUCK (20 laps): 1. Rick Hebert, Peru; 2. Yogi Hiscock, Jay; 3. Marvin Hamilton, New Gloucester; 4. Jake Burns, Gray' 5. Doug Degroat, Oxford; 6. Opie Allard, Harpswell; 7. Kevin Oliver, New Gloucester; 8. Devon Smith, Norway; 9. Doug Stevens, West Sumner; 10. John Lizotte, Mechanic Falls; 11. Corey Williams, Sumner; 12. Lee Spurling, New Gloucester; 13. Earl Lowe, Sumner; 14. Phil Mitchell III, Buckfield; 15. Brian Farrar, Sumner; 16. Tim Huggins, Oxford; 17. Herb Farrar, Sumner; 18. Ryan Farrar, Oxford; 19. Joe Farrar, Oxford; 20. Tom Libby, Gorham; 21. Mark Welch, Hartford.
ALLEN'S COFFEE FLAVORED BRANDY LADIES (20 laps): 1. Patty Brannon, Topsham; 2. Deanna Bisbee, South Paris; 3. Kimberly Sessions, Auburn; 4. Dottie Patria, Turner; 5. Vanna Brackett, Buckfield; 6. Missy Roussel, Oxford; 7. Christina Spaulding, Lewiston; 8. Debbie Marston, Hartford; 9. Cathy Manchester, Gray; 10. Lisa Vining, Poland; 11. Lisa Brooks, Auburn; 12. Sue Veinott, Sabattus; 13. Shannon Wheeler, Auburn; 14. Annie Chartier, Mexico; 15. Danielle Morang, Norway.
CRAZY HORSE RACING ENGINES RENEGADE (10 laps): 1. John Childs, Leeds; 2. Jamie Heath, Waterford; 3. Gerard Cote, Oxford; 4. Skip Turner, Carthage; 5. Bob Morey, Lisbon.