The #14 Katie Hagar Motorsports Inc. Team hit the track hard Friday August 3rd for testing at Wiscasset Speedway, getting ready for the Saturday Night 50 lapper. After eight hours of practice time making several of changes Katie left the track with consistant 15.3-15.4 lap times.

On Saturday the Pro Stocks had three practices, two heats and a 50 lap feature. With a slight rain delay after the first two practices the track changed dramatically. The #14 car was tight and pushing out of turn four so the rain delay helped us and was beneficial! Most of the other compeditors had said their cars went the other way after the rain delay so I knew the Heat races were going to be intresting since we didnt have another practice.
Drawing a 5th place start in the second heat starting on the outside, with a 12 lap heat I was able to stay and hold that 5th place spot earning a tenth place start in the feature. We still had a tight car and was wanting more bite so the team made a few more adjustments before feature time.
The Green flag had dropped. After ten laps my car really started to come into it. i was waiting for my tire temps to come up before i could make any moves on the outside grove. Wiscasset's turn 3  through turn 4 is really rough and has no bite. When you have a car on the inside of you, you have to be aware of the roughness and keep in mind that your inside compeditor could push up into you. If you get to high comming out of turn 4 you could lose it on the front stretch so i wanted to make sure my car was %100 under me before making any moves. with 25 laps down  we had caught up to two cars battleing for the same position wich held us back for a long time. Having a great car we were able to pass them both for a 7th place position. On Lap 45 the caustion was braught out for Charlie Colby. We had a great restart and was able to finish the race with a 5th place finish and in one piece.
I couldnt have done this with out the help of my team, Seth Holbrook and Doug White.
I would also like to thank NC Hunt Lumber and Skip Cahill Tire for the continuess support. We look forward to next weekend possibly being able to race in Pro All Star Canada Race.