peedway 95 News Release


By Bill DaButler

(Hermon, Me) The CAM II Racing Fuels Super Street Series came to an end at Speedway 95 Saturday, August 4th with Steve Moulton of Glenburn earning the championship by just two points over John Kalel, II of Orrington.

Kalel earned the win in the heat race for the Final race in the CAM II Racing Fuels Super Street Series, and led the field by a large margin for the first 35 laps of the 50-lapper until the caution flag came out at lap 34. Kalel elected to restart on the outside, with Steve Moulton on the inside. Moulton took the lead on the restart, and went on to take the win, and the series championship over Kalel, who finished second. Smokin’ Joe Legere of Milbridge finished third. “I may have come in first, but Kalel won that race,” Said Moulton in victory lane.

Defending champion John Phippen, Jr. of Town Hill managed to take the win, by leading every lap in the Dysart’s ProStock division, and at the same time close in to a 13-point gap on point’s leader Paul White of Corinna. Duane Seekins of Stockton Springs grabbed the second spot, with Gary Smith of Bangor in third.

There were cautions at the Green flag, and on the restart of the race, before things settled down in the Limited Sportsman Division. Nick Jenkins of Milo had his ride tuned in to earn the win over point’s leader Brenton Parritt of Steuben. Glen Curtis, Sr. who came to the division late in the season grabbed the third place honors.

Rowland “Jr. Rockin” Robinson led every lap in the caution free Strictly Street race, and was closing in on lapping the fifth place car of Brad Norris of Ellsworth when the checkered flag flew. Runner up in the points, and runner up in the race, was Clifton’s Jim Carr, Jr. Shawn Hamel of Bangor finished the race in the third spot.

There were two cautions in the Sport-Four race, and both were for cars, stalled in pit road. When the racing continued, Mike Hopkins of Hermon passed race leader Steve Heath of Brownville from the inside to take the win. Heath settled for second, and Spencer Garvin of Belfast took third. The win makes two in a row for Hopkins.

Unofficial Results:

Dysart’s ProStocks

Finish Car # Name Town

1. 59 John Phippen Town Hill

2. 19 Duane Seekins Stockton Springs

3. 75 Gary Smith Bangor

4. 69 Doug Day Glenburn

5. 0 Dale Swoboda Hermon
Limited Sportsman

Finish Car # Name Town

1. 32 Nick Jenkins Milo

2. 27 Brenton Parritt Steuben

3. 10 Glen Curtis, Sr. Hudson

4. 21 Shane Clark Winterport

5. 28 Rowland Robinson, Sr. Steuben

Super Street (CAM II Racing Fuels Super Street Series #3)

Finish Car # Name Town

1. 80 Steve Moulton Glenburn

2. 5 John Kalel, II Orrington

3. 8 Joe Legere Milford

4. 3 Mike Overlock Franklin

5. 45 Greg Pung Franklin

Strictly Street

Finish Car # Name Town

1. 28 Rowland Robinson, Jr. Steuben

2. 9 Jim Carr, Jr. Clifton

3. 66 Shawn Hamel Bangor

4. 16 Tim Daggett Alton

5. 8 Brad Norris Ellsworth


Finish Car # Name Town

1. 50 Mike Hopkins Hermon

2. 0 Steve Heath Brownville

3. 66 Spencer Garvin Belfast

4. 16 David Green Hampden

5. 46 David Shorey Old Town

Speedway 95 returns to action Wednesday, August 8th for Varney GMC Wacky Wednesday, weekend racing resumes Saturday August 11th at 7:00pm, with racing presented Napa including the final race in the 35-lap Strictly Street Series, and the return of the Quirk Chevrolet Super Cup Series.