Johnny Clark Takes Home The Cheque!
After Starting Close to The Back, A Hard Charge Brings Home The Cash.

September 2nd, 2007
Fredericton, NB – After another successful night of racing with the O'leary
Pontiac Excitement Sportsman 150 on tap for the first event for
SPEEDWEEKEND, fans got a taste of yet another fantastic race. Tonight's
race, the Peterbilt 250 was nothing but exciting.

At the beginning of the day it was a proven fact that Johnny Clark was
holding the fastest time on the track however this didn't mean he could win
the race. Starting the grid in the 18th position he held his ground and
charged his way through the pack. While Clark made progress through the
field, the #23f of Fearless Frank Fraser held on to the lead for 62 laps
until on lap 64 the #0 of Shawn Turple took him off the restart and
continued his lead for three laps until the hard charging #17 of Travis
Benjamin took the lead away from Turple on lap 73. For the next 18 laps
Turple and Benjamin battled it out for the lead. As the lap leader changed
progressively through the race between Turple and Benjamin, John Flemming in
the #97 passed by the two to take the lead and continued to hold the lead
for 30 laps until Benjamin cruised by to lead the following nine laps. The
mighty Ford, #28 of Kirk Thibeau, then zoomed by the leader to take the lead
on lap 135 and continued to hold the lead when Johnny Clark came into the
view of Thibeau's mirrors. On lap 156 Clark edged by Thibeau to take the
lead and continue through to take home the win after holding off the fast
approaching ride of Benjamin. Headliner's Justin Labonte and Terry Labonte
put on a spectacular show for the fans with Justin finishing in 5th  and
Terry finishing in 26th after experiencing mechanical troubles through out
the race.

Clark took home his second big win of his career tonight at NBIS. Finishing
in second was the #17 of Travis Benjamin and rounding out the top three was
the #97 of John Flemming. Each driver took home a sizable check, including
Clark's check for $19,700. The surprising amount for a check was the 23rd,
place finisher, Frank Fraser, receiving just a few dollars short of $4,000.

Make sure you tune into NBIS tomorrow for the Championship run for the
Enduro Drivers. Could the team of Ruff and Hathaway take home their next
championship or could another contender put up the run for champion? Make
sure you swing by the Geary woods tomorrow for another outstanding day of
racing at NBIS.