Speedway 95 News Release 09-1-07

By Bill DaButler

(Hermon, Me) The first race date in September at Speedway 95, included two make-up races from last Saturdays, rain shortened evening at the track, and a pivotal points night as the track moves into it’s final weeks.

Paul White closed the gap in the points lead to just 9 points, by earning the win in the Dysart’s ProStocks. Current points leader and defending champion of the division, John Phippen, Jr. of Town Hill took second, with outside pole sitter Jesse Smith of Winterport earned the third spot.

The Limited Sportsman has two features to complete for the night. Brenton Parritt of Steuben had a half track lead over Ricky Morse of St. Albans at the checkered flag. On his first trip to the track this season, Chris Nickerson of Detriot crossed the line for third in the caution-free race. In the second feature, rookie Frank Moulton of Unity found his car was on fire… literally. After exhausting the flames, and removing the hood Moulton was able to pick up fifth place finish. Parritt pulled a double for the night taking both wins for the night, despite spinning in lap 3. Nickerson improved from the early showing to take second, and Deane Smart of Bradley grabbed the third place honors.

There were also two races to make-up in the Super Street class. For the first race, Jeff Overlock, Jr. ended his year-long dry spell with the win, battling off a charge from Greg Pung of Franklin who earned second. Crossing the line for third in the caution-free race was Kris Watson of Hermon. Defending champion John Kalel, II dove to the inside of the leader in the second feature to try and grab the top spot, but Steve Moulton took advantage of the opportunity to take second away from Kalel, and ultimately, due to a DQ of race winner Kris Huff, earned the win in the race. Van Kitchen of St. Albans grabbed second, and Mike Overlock of Franklin took third in a green-white checkered finish. Moulton’s finish creates a tie in the standings between himself and Kalel with three races to go.

Jim Carr, Jr. of Clifton found himself back on top in the Strictly Streets leading all but one lap of the race, and holding off points’ leader Rowland Robinson, Jr. of Stueben. Brad Norris of Ellsworth finished third. Super Street driver Steve Moulton of Glenburn pulled double duty running with the streets and drew the only caution of the race at lap 5.

They were side-by-side coming to the checkered flag in the Sport-Four race, but a post race inspection proved that either way, this winner would be David Shorey of Old Town, as David Green of Hampden was found to have an illegal wheel tilt. With the DQ, Spencer Garvin of Belfast finished second, and Rookie James Johnson, II of Bucksport took third.

Unofficial Results:

Dysart’s ProStocks

Finish Car # Name Town

1. 15 Paul White Corinna

2. 59 John Phippen Town Hill

3. 55 Jesse Smith Carmel

4. 75 Gary Smith Bangor

5. 54 Ryan Deane Winterport

Limited Sportsman (MAKE-UP RACE)
Finish Car # Name Town

1. 27 Brenton Parritt Steuben

2. 29 Ricky Morse St. Albans

3. 16 Chris Nickerson Detriot

4. 28 Rowland Robinson, Sr. Steuben

5. 10 Glen Curtis, Sr. Hudson

Limited Sportsman
Finish Car # Name Town

1. 27 Brenton Parritt Steuben

2. 16 Chris Nickerson Detriot

3. 24 Deane Smart Bradley

4. 28 Rowland Robinson, Sr. Steuben

5. 15 Frank Moulton Unity

Super Street (MAKE-UP RACE)

Finish Car # Name Town

1. 31 Jeff Overlock, Jr. Hermon

2. 45 Greg Pung Franklin

3. 35 Kris Watson Hermon

4. 73 Van Kitchen St. Albans

5. 2 Keith Pierce Hudson

Super Street

Finish Car # Name Town

1. 80 Steve Moulton Glenburn

2. 73 Van Kitchen St. Albans

3. 3 Mike Overlock Franklin

4. 2 Keith Pierce Hudson

5. 8 Joe Legere Milbridge

Strictly Street

Finish Car # Name Town

1. 9 Jim Carr, Jr. Clifton

2. 28 Rowland Robinson, Jr. Steuben

3. 8 Brad Norris Ellsworth

4. 29 Derek Pearson Glenburn

5. 66 Shawn Hamel Bangor


Finish Car # Name Town

1. 46 David Shorey Old Town

2. 66 Spencer Garvin Belfast

3. 19 James Johnson II Bucksport

4. 82 Andrew Crosby Hermon

5. 15 Brian Pierce Hudson

Speedway 95 returns to action Saturday September 8th at 7:00pm, with racing in all 5 divisions, and again on Sunday September 9th, as the Pass Outlaws make their final appearance of the season at 2pm.