Speedway 95 News Release 09-8-07
By Bill DaButler

(Hermon, Me) The forecast called for rain on both days, but it Saturday remained rain-free, and Speedway 95 was able to get in half of the weekends double header. The PASS Outlaw appearance was rained out part way through the second heat race. No make-up date has been announced.

Outside pole sitter Dale Swoboda of Hermon took the top spot at the second lap of the Dysart’s ProStock Feature, while defending champ and point’s leader John Phippen, Jr. of Town Hill and Paul White of Corinna battled for second. White won the fight for second with just 4 laps to go, and went side-by-side with Swoboda at the white flag. Swoboda held off the challenge to take the win, White crossed for second, and Phippen earned the third spot.

It was Detroit’s Chris Nickerson’s second week at Speedway 95, and it proved to be a good one. Nickerson was running near the front when leader Frank Moulton of Unity’s car caught fire under the hood for the second week in a row. Moulton nailed down the problem, but started at the rear, giving Nickerson a chance to take the win. Josh St. Clair of Liberty, in his first appearance of the season took second, and Joe Allard of Glenburn grabbed third. Nickerson debut the week before was a second place finish for the driver.

Outside pole sitter Keith Pierce of Hudson slid into the top spot at the green flag, and held it through 1 caution to take the win in the Super Street race. Defending Champion John Kalel, II broke the tie in the point standings by finishing second, and Greg Pung of Franklin ended his night in third.

Despite damage in the heat race, Jim Carr, Jr. of Clifton grabbed his second win in a row for the Strictly Streets over point’s leader Rowland Robinson, Jr. of Stueben. Ellsworth’s Brad Norris crossed the line for third. Carr and Robinson were side by side with two to go, but Carr held his line to take the win.

There were four cautions in Sport-Four division, but Mike Hopkins returned to the track to pick up where he left off, taking the win, with Phil Richardson of Hermon second, and David Shorey of Old Town taking third. Hopkins also took the win in the opening heat race, with David Green of Hermon winning the second Sport-Four Qualifier.

The Quick Chevrolet Super Cup Series also appeared at the track, with Francis Bernard of Howland the race winner. Fred Ireland of Howland finished second in the caution-free race, and his son Josh Ireland finished third. The race was the final race in the New England Championship Race Series. With his second place finish Fred Ireland earned the crown in the 4 race series.

Dysart’s ProStocks

Finish Car # Name Town

1. 0 Dale Swoboda Hermon

2. 15 Paul White Corinna

3. 59 John Phippen Town Hill

4. 19 Duane Seekins Stockton Springs

5. 69 Doug Day Glenburn

Limited Sportsman

Finish Car # Name Town

1. 16 Chris Nickerson Detroit

2. 1 Josh St. Clair Liberty

3. 08 Joe Allard Glenburn

4. 21 Shane Clark Winterport

5. 14 Dave St. Clair Liberty

Super Street

Finish Car # Name Town

1. 2 Keith Pierce Hudson

2. 5 John Kalel, II Glenburn

3. 45 Greg Pung Franklin

4. 80 Steve Moulton Glenburn

5. 8 Joe Legere Milbridge

Strictly Street

Finish Car # Name Town

1. 9 Jim Carr, Jr. Clifton

2. 28 Rowland Robinson, Jr. Steuben

3. 8 Brad Norris Ellsworth

4. 16 Jordan Pearson Glenburn

5. 66 Shawn Hamel Bangor


Finish Car # Name Town

1. 50 Mike Hopkins Hermon

2. 05 Phil Richardson Hermon

3. 46 David Shorey Old Town

4. 0 Steve Heath Brownville

5. 15 Brian Pierce Hudson

Quirk Chevrolet Super Cup Series

Finish Car # Name Town

1. 24 Francis Bernard, Jr. Howland

2. 99 Fred Ireland Howland

3. 16 Josh Ireland Howland

4. 5 Rich Hall Mechanic Falls

5. 8 Darron Burrill Milford

Speedway 95 returns to action for the final time this season on Saturday September 5th at 7:00pm, with racing in all 5 divisions, along with the Quirk Chevrolet Super Cup Series