What Started Over 230 Years Ago Will Come To A Head In A Friday-Night Fight
CONCORD, NC (November 8, 2007) – Back in the mid-1760s, Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon surveyed land to settle a border dispute between British colonies in Colonial America.  What they were not aware of then was how famous their “Mason-Dixon” line was going to become to describe the separation between cultures from the North and South.  They also didn’t realize they started then a tradition of rival racing in America.

In 2006, the first “Mason-Dixon Meltdown” took place at South Boston Speedway (VA).  From the PASS Super Late Models to Pro Challenge racers, drivers flocked to the track to take part of the inaugural event, which also included Legends Car racing action.
This year, the second Meltdown was moved a bit further south to Concord Motorsport Park in Concord, North Carolina, which is deep in the heart of Stock Car Racing.  Not only is the track within 30 minutes driving distance of many major NASCAR team race shops, it is also in 600 Racing’s backyard, where Legends Car racing was born and many top Legends drivers currently race.  That will not stop the Northern invasion from attempting to steal a chunk of the cash prizes and prestige from the South.
Charlie Buxton is in his first year of racing Legends cars in the Semi-Pro division.  The driver from Maine has entered the Mason-Dixon Meltdown, and is looking forward to stealing some of the thunder away from the Southern racers.
“We just wanted to come down for the experience and race at some tracks down south,” said Buxton.  “I haven’t raced down there yet, just mostly in Maine.  This is my first year racing Legends.  It would be pretty cool to kick some butt down in the South since I am from the North.  It will be a good experience.”
Another driver from the North contending for the Semi-Pro $600-to-win race is Mike Alcaro from New Jersey.  Alcaro does have some experience racing down South as he competed at Concord Motorsport Park and Lowe’s Motor Speedway earlier this season, but is looking to use the Meltdown to help his program back home later in the year.
“We are coming down because we have our big show coming up at Wall [Township] Speedway, the Turkey Derby,” said Alcaro.  “We are coming down there to get some practice laps and some more racing under our belts.”
One thing Alcaro has on his side is a Southern connection.  He runs under the Clay Hair Motorsports banner, which is based in North Carolina.  Hair is fielding cars for both Alcaro and Parker Hammons, a 15-year-old Mississippi native that now lives five minutes from the Concord facility.
“Parker Hammons is going to be out there running and (also) Mike Alcaro from New Jersey,” said Hair.  “Parker has always run well there.  He keeps his head on straight.  Mike has run there, but doesn’t have that much experience on that small of a track.  He will be fine.”
Hammons has completed his rookie year of Legends competition this season by racing at many tracks across the Carolinas, including Concord Motorsport Park.
“Concord has been an alright track for us this year,” said Hammons.  “My best finish there this year is third.  It is a really good track and they do a good job running the races out there.  I think we will have a good draw out there.  Everyone from Clay Hair Motorsports should have a decent run.”

With two drivers racing for the win under the same banner, it puts the team rivalry in the limelight.  Being that one racer is from the North and the other the South, it makes the drive for the checkered flag in the Mason-Dixon Meltdown Semi-Pro Legends race even more important for bragging rights. 
What will happen if the North versus the South battle heads to the final lap of the event?
“I think we would definitely race clean there the last few laps,” said Hammons.  “I think we both know if it comes down to the last lap, front bumpers will be used.  That would be alright and the next day we will move on.  When it comes down to the last part of the race you forget about teammates.  You do not go out there to take each other out.  You race clean, but you make it entertaining for the fans.”
Alcaro agreed.
“I feel the same way,” explained Alcaro.  “Clay is building both of our cars, so I feel the best man will win.  I am not going to go out there and wreck the kid, but if we are coming down to the flag stand, if I have to use a bumper to get by I will.”
The second annual Mason-Dixon Meltdown will take place at Concord Motorsport Park (NC) on November 16th-17th, with the Legends and Bandolero portion taking place on the 16th. The pit gates open at 1:00 pm Friday with alternating practice running from 3:00 pm until 5:00 pm.  Heat races will begin at 6:00 pm, followed by Consi races and the features.  The complete schedule and Legends entry blanks (Bandoleros do not need to register) can be found on the official website for the Mason-Dixon Meltdown at www.MasonDixonMeltdown.com
For more information on the PASS North and South Series, please contact 51 Sports at (704) 788-2134 and for technical and rules information on all of the PASS tours, please contact Scott Reed at (207) 625-3230. 
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