Name: Joey Doiron
Age: 16
Hometown: Berwick, ME
Race Series: Late Model

Car:  2007 Ford Fusion #21
Sponsors: TBA
Pit Crew: 
   John Doiron
   Cindy Doiron
   Nick Marin

Racing Stats

  4x SMKI Champion
  SMKI Driver of the Year
  BRMS Sport Series Rookie of the Year (2007)
  BRMS Most outstanding new Driver (2007)
  4th in points BRMS Sport Series (2007)

Q. What are your plans for the 2008 season?
A. We're going to try and race for points at Lee USA Speedway and also run select ACT races along with some races at Oxford Plains Speedway including trying to quilfy for the Oxford 250.

Q. How did you get started in racing?
A. Well, my dad sponsered a couple of kids in town that raced go-karts and I try'ed them out one night and I have been hook ever sense.

Q. What did you think about the inaugural season of the PASS Sportsman Series? (any changes?)
A. I think that the PASS Sportsman Series was a great inaugural season and provided some of the best racing in the Northeast, but the one change I would have made would be a more soild rule package so the cars where more equal. However, I can understand why PASS left the rules more open to allow more cars to race thus bring 20+ cars to every event. Another thing I like about the PASS Sportsman Series was that it allowed a lower teir divison to tour to differnt types of tracks other then just sticking to one.

Q. What is your most memorable moment in your racing career?
A. My most memorable so far in full sized cars has to be my first win, because I thought I wasn't going to win at all that year after what I had did when I should have won my first race.

Q. What was your wildest wreck?
A. Luckily, I haven't had many wrecks at all, but I would have to say the biggest one was at Cannan Fair Grounds where I got caught up in someone else mess.

Q. What’s your favorite track to race at?
A. Well, most people think I am crazy when I say this, but Unity Raceway is my all time favoritve track because it's so unique and totally differnt from any other track I have been to.

Q. What are your plans for the off season?
A. My plans during the off season are to race on-line which is a big hobby of mine. I also plan to work at my dads machine shop during the winter months

Q. What are your plans for after high school?
A. After High School, I plan on moving down south and going to either a trade school or NTI, but I'd like to countine racing down there, but if not I'd like to find a job on a race team.