Pluffybilt Racing Tractors to Sponsor PASS Sportsman Series
Two Intense Types of Racing Come Together for 2008 Season

Saco, Maine (March 31, 2008) A true racer will try to get the best

 performance out of anything that they get behind the wheel of,

 whether it is a race car, their street vehicle or even a lawn tractor.

 The next step after just going fast is to get another racer also pushing

 the limits. When you have that, you have yourself a race…and soon a
racing series.

So it is only natural that one of the fastest growing racing tours in

New England has joined forces with one of the most unique and hardcore
racing entities out there. In 2008, the Pro ALL Stars Series (PASS) Sportsman

Series will be backed by Pluffybilt Racing Tractors.

In just one season, the PASS Sportsman Series has already become known
for its close competition, high car counts and ability to attract weekly
competitors from many area tracks to touring series events. In the same
time, Pluffybilt Racing Tractors has been part of a movement that has
taken Southern Maine motorsports by storm with bi-weekly lawnmower
racing as part of the North Saco Lawn Mower Racing Association league in
North Saco, Maine.

Pluffybilt was founded in 2007 by Bruce Plouffe and former SP2
Motorsports team owners Scott Pullen and Steve Perry, to field a team of
racing tractors for the North Saco races. The team, which is also
referred to as SP2 Mowersports, is housed in the same shop where stock
cars driven by Mike Rowe, Kyle Busch and Brad Leighton were
once prepared.

Now, among the trophies for PASS Super Late Model race wins up and down
the East Coast, sits a gaggle of racing lawnmowers. In 2007, Team
Pluffybilt fielded a total of twelve different mowers that won five feature
events and took the top two positions in the stock division series
championship, with Perry winning the series championship by a slight
margin over Plouffe.

Plouffe is no stranger to stock car racing. He has been a fan of the
sport for years and is now excited to become more involved in it.

“After being able to present the trophies for the Pullen Heavy
Industries PASS Sportsman race at Beech Ridge in the fall, I wanted to
become more involved with the series,” said Plouffe. “PASS has a great
group of competitors, officials and fans in all of its divisions and I
know how competitive this particular division is. We’re very proud to
team up for this year.”

And with racers being racers, the link between PASS racing and the
lawnmower events is a close one. In September, a special PASS drivers
lawnmower race was held for charity. A roster of drivers that included
Mike Rowe, Ben Rowe, Cassius Clark, Johnny Clark, Richie Dearborn, Scott
Chubbuck, Alan Tardiff, Chris Kennison and Tony Ricci all showed up to

“When guys like the Rowes and the Clarks came out to run an exhibition
lawnmower race, that really got people talking about what we do,” said
Plouffe. “We were really proud too that when Mike Rowe won that night,
he did it on a Pluffybilt Tractor.

The weekly lawnmower races also have a racing connection. Team owners
Steve Perry, Scott Pullen and Mike Lux all competed in the series in
2007, along with a number of weekly Beech Ridge Motor Speedway competitors.

 Mike Rowe could also be found driving the pace tractor at the races on several occasions.

The Pluffybilt Racing Tractors PASS Sportsman Series will start its 2008 season

 on April 19th at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway in Scarborough, Maine.