By Bill DaButler,
(Hermon, Me) 
Speedway 95 held it's annual Airport Mall Car show on Friday, April 12th and Saturday April 13th to kick off the 2008 season. Opening day is Sunday, April 20th at 1:30 with a pretty car contest, the race card will kick off at 2.

Airport Mall Show 2008 Results
People's Choice Awards
1/2 Scale Winston Cups 88 Heather Phillips
Ladies 51 Jamie Rennebu
Little Enduro 77 Mark Sawyer
Big Enduro 0 Josh Curtis
Sat Trucks 99 Dana Smith
Sport Fours 8 Melanie Judkins
Strictly Street 27 Wayne Parritt JR
Super Street 39 Travis Beale
ProLimited 28 Rowland Robinson, Jr.
Best of Show 99 Truck Dana Smith
Best Display 28 Sport Four Jason Dorr
Best Dressed Crew Third 39 Super Street Travis Beale
Best Dressed Crew Second 39 Ladies Danielle DeLuck
Best Dressed Crew First 2 Sport Four Wally Gibbons