Name: Andy Shaw
Age: 30
Hometown: Center Conway, NH
Race Series: PASS Mods
Car: 2008 Chevy #66
Pit Crew: Henry Shaw III Crew Chief – Merle Sweeney Jr. Tires – Mike Sheaff Mechanic – Pork Moral Support – Tony Mason Mechanic Dave and Crystal Weir Owners
Sponsors: Frechette Tire, G.A. Tasker Lawn Care, Stan Norris and Sons Construction, The Mortgage Connection (Barry Jordan), Bob Kimble Building and Remodeling, Mason Brook Logistics, Glenwood Farm Inc., Crazy Horse Racing Engines, Pet Expectations, Steve Weir Landscaping.



Racing Stats – 1997 27 Top 3 finishes throughout New England in Late Models, 1998 NEPSA Rookie of the year, 2000 IPSC rookie of the year, 2 IPSC Wins, 3rd place 2000 Oxford 250, 2001 Won Speedway 95 Partnership for a Tobacco Free Maine Open Comp Race, Multitime Winner @ Oxford Plains Speedway Pro Stocks Multitime Top 3 in Points at OPS, Winner of 2008 Beech Ridge PASS Mod Race.

RPM – How did you get started in racing?
Andy – It is a family business.

RPM – How does The PASS Modified Series compare to other race series you have competed in?
Andy – There is only a few guy that are experienced in touring and some of the others are Street Stock guys that are alot harder to race around than i am used to in the Pro Stocks.

RPM – What is your most memorable moment in your racing career?
Andy -2000 Oxford 250 3rd place and Touring around United Stated and Canada.

RPM – What's your favorite track to race at?
Andy -Halifax Nova Scotia Multitime winner there and Speedway 95 It seems I have a nitch for these 2 tracks and I can make up for and ill car there.

RPM – Your thoughts on the PASS Outlaw Series coming to a close?
Andy – I was never really sure what Pass was trying to accomplish with that tour anyway. Pass SLM is a great tour maybe now it will start to grow again.

RPM – If you could change one thing to improve the racing in the Modified Series what would it be?
Andy – To have Pass to give 2 tires a week to "everyone".

RPM – How do you feel the increase in fuel prices has effect the racing community?
Andy – I think that it will continue to hurt the whole racing community and it is the reason for poor fan count and pour car count if everyone can just stick to it we should be alright. I think the rest of this year will be a struggle for racetracks and tours but maybe next year it will come around.

RPM – What do you like to do when you are not racing?
Andy -I like to spend time with my Wife and 2 little girls and also I am an avid Golfer.