By Bill DaButler

(Hermon, Me) 11 Feature races were on the card for Mothers Day at
Maine's Family Fun track, Speedway 95 in Hermon, 5 of which were make
up races from the rained out events of April 27th. Also, as an added
attraction, the first appearance of the Mid-Coast Mini Cups raced the
third mile oval.

Shane Clark of Winterport picked up the win in Dysart's
Pro-Limited make up race, this first race of three in their 50-lap
Pro-Limited Series. There were four cautions in the event, that took
many of the early players out of contention for the win, including
Dave St. Clair (Boss Hogg) of Liberty, Josh St. Clair of Liberty and
Glen Curtis, Jr. of Hudson. Duane Seekins of Stockton Springs stayed
out of danger to finish second and Hermon's Scott Modery crossed the
line for third. Curtis found his way back in the closing laps towards
the front of the field to take fourth. Between the two feature events,
by taking time in the pits to dial in his ride, Brenton Parritt of
Stueben bettered his 7th place finish in the first feature to earn the
pole for the second race, and led the field to the checkered flag in
caution-free 35 lap affair. Curtis improved to finish second, a half a
lap behind Parritt. Third place honors went to once again to Modery.

The Super Streets racing series, sponsored by CAM II
racing fuels went caution-free for the first 22 laps of the 50-lap
run. Kris Watson of Hermon continued his sweep of ever race in the
division this summer, take the win, in every heat and feature thus
far. Until the caution came out for debris at lap 22, Watson had a
half-track lead over the rest of the field. Richard Burrill of
Sullivan finished second, and Artie Maguire of Bucksport finished
third. Watson also took him the win in the earlier make-up race, with
Burrill earning second and Travis Beal of Winterport taking third, in
his first race this year.

It looked, for a while like it was the night of wins for
Jordan Pearson of Glenburn. Fresh off a win in the Truck division,
Pearson went on to grab the win in the first Strictly Street race,
then later on the win in the qualifier for the second Strictly Street
match-up. Rookie Wayne Parritt, Jr. of Steuben crossed for second, and
Ellsworth's Brad Norris took third in the caution-free make-up race.
Pearson streak in the Strictly's was broken in the second feature when
Norris, improved his even with the win. Derek Pearson, former Strictly
Champ, and brother to Jordan, earned second, with rookie Harry
Patterson of Stockton Springs third. There were two cautions in the
second race, one of which was for Jordan Pearson who lost control of
his ride in turn one.

The earlier in the day, the better for Jordan Pearson, of
Glenburn, who picked up the win in the make-up Truck race, but
finished second in the second Truck feature event. Peter Drake of
Holden took second, and Ernie Wallace of Winterport finished third.
Despite some tense moments with a black flag warning, Ernie Wallace,
or "Big Ern," grabbed the big earn in the second race, crossing first
for the checked flag. Pearson finished second, and Peter Drake third.
The first Truck race was caution free, the second saw two yellow flags

For the Sport-Fours, Phil Richardson of Carmel had a fast
car; unfortunately, he was disqualified for both Sport-Four events.
After winning the first race, he was disqualified for starting the
race in the position earned by Chris Ryan of Glenburn, which
constituted as an unannounced driver change. Despite a second place
finish in the second race, he was DQ-ed for ride height in the tech
garage. The first DQ put Spencer Garvin of Searsport in the winners
circle, with former Super Street Champion Steve Moulton of Glenburn
second, and Old Town's Jason Trundy in third. David Green had the car
to beat in the second feature and avoided a big crash in turn four
that took out a gaggle of cars in 29-car field. Steve Moulton was
upgraded after Richardson's DQ to second in the race, which ended in a
climatic Green-White-Checkered finish. Jason Trundy once again earned
the third spot.

Francis Bernard took the win in the Mid Coast Mini Cup race.

Dysart's Pro-Limited (50 lap series 1 of 3)

Finish # Driver Town

1. 21 Shane Clark Winterport

2. 19 Duane Seekins Stockton Springs

3. 11 Scott Modery Hermon

4. 10 Glen Curtis, Hudson

5. 33 Josh St. Clair Liberty

Dysart's Pro-Limited (Regular Feature)

Finish # Driver Town

1. 27 Brenton Parritt

2. 10 Glen Curtis,

3. 11 Scott Modery Hermon

4. 33 Josh St. Clair

5. 14 Dave St. Clair

Super Streets (CAM II 50-lap series 1 of 3)

Finish # Driver Town

1. 35 Kris Watson Hermon

2. 09 Richard Burrill Sullivan

3. 39 Travis Beal Winterport

4. 3 Mike Overlock Hermon

5. 47 Artie McGuire Bucksport

Super Streets (Make-up Feature)

Finish # Driver Town

1. 35 Kris Watson Hermon

2. 09 Richard Burrill

3. 47 Artie McGuire Bucksport

4. 3 Mike Overlock Hermon

5. 6.7 Joey Doyon Winterport

Strictly Streets (Make-up Feature)

Finish # Driver Town

1. 37 Jordan Pearson Glenburn

2. 27 Wayne Parritt, Jr.

3. 8 Brad Norris Ellsworth

4. 29 Derek Pearson Glenburn

5. 55 Shawn Hamel, II Bangor

Strictly Streets (Regular Feature)

Finish # Driver Town

1. 8 Brad Norris Ellsworth

2. 29 Derek Pearson Glenburn

3. 88 Harry Patterson Stockton Springs

4. 37 Jordan Pearson Glenburn

5. 55 Shawn Hamel, II Bangor

Sport Four (Make-up Feature)

Finish # Driver Town

1. 66 Spencer Garvin Searsport

2. 77 Steve Moulton Glenburn

3. 02 Jason Trundy Old Town

4. 16 David Green Hampden

5. 27 Duane Dunifer Hermon

Sport Four

Finish # Driver Town

1. 16 David Green Hampden

2. 77 Steve Moulton Glenburn

3. 02 Jason Trundy Old Town

4. 46 David Shorey Old Town

5. 66 Spencer Garvin Belfast

Trucks (Make up Feature)

Finish # Driver Town

1. 06 Jordan Pearson Glenburn

2. 65 Peter Drake Holden

3. 18 Ernie Wallace Winterport

4. 60 Dana Harlow Hampden

5. 5 Jim Carr, Jr. Clifton

Trucks (Regular Feature)

Finish # Driver Town

1. 18 Ernie Wallace Winterport

2. 06 Jordan Pearson Glenburn

3. 65 Peter Drake Holden

4. 60 Dana Harlow Hampden

5. 62 Brett Crosby Hermon

Mid-Coast Mini Cups

Finish # Driver

1. 24 Francis Bernard

2. 99 Fred Ireland

3. 48 RJ Pinkham

4. 16 Josh Ireland

5. 11 Tony McLaughlin

Speedway 95 returns to action on Sunday, May 18th at 2, with the first
race in the Coca Cola Strictly Street series, and the Maine Super-Cup
racing League, plus regular racing from the Sport-Fours, Super
Streets, Pro-Limiteds, and Trucks. Arrive early and ride with your
favorite driver.