By Bill DaButler

(Hermon, Me) It was caution free for the heats, but not so for the features this weekend at Maine’s Family Fun Track Speedway 95. While most of the divisions were free of incident, the Sport-Four division gave the yellow flag a workout.


            The Strictly Street division completed its first 35-lap race of the Coca Cola Strictly three race series, with Jordan Pearson earning another win this season. Pearson, who also won the Full Size Truck race worked hard to hold off rookie Wayne Parritt, Jr. of Steuben. Brad Norris of Ellsworth took third in the caution-free affair.


            There was only one caution in the Dysart’s Pro-Limited race, and it was due to a mechanical failure, believed to be in the distributor of Steuben’s Rowland Robinson, Jr. Duane Seekins of Stockton Springs and Brenton Parritt of Steuben kept the race close but ultimately Parritt ran out of laps to get by Seekins, and settled or second. Bernie Thayer of Hermon finished second.


            Kris Watson of Hermon continued his streak of winning every race, including heats this season, by taking the led away from Mike Overlock of Franklin. Overlock stayed at the front though, to finish second, with Artie McGuire, Jr. of Bucksport finishing third in the caution-free race.


            There were five cautions, and a false start in the Sport-Fours, a roll over, a head on collision, and three drivers receiving blacks flags, and two-week suspensions for on track behavior. Adam Russell of Hermon easily took the win, but was disqualified in the post race inspection moving David Green from Hampden to the front of the finishing order. Spencer Garvin of Searsport was upgraded to a second place finish, and Steve Moulton, a former Super Street champion out of Glenburn to third.


            In the caution-free Full Size Truck race, Jordan Pearson added another checkered flag to his collection, by picking up the win Ernie Wallace, Jr. of Winterport finished second, with Peter Drake of Holden in the third spot.

Francis Bernard of Howland picked up his second win in two weeks the win in the Maine Supercup Racing League event.


Dysart’s Pro-Limited

Finish  #            Driver                                      Town

1.         19            Duane Seekins                     Stockton Springs

2.         27            Brenton Parritt                       Steuben

3.         6            Bernie Thayer                         Hermon

4.         10            Glen Curtis,                          Hudson

5.         63            Ray Allen Morse                  St. Albans


Super Streets

Finish  #            Driver                                      Town

1.         35             Kris Watson                        Hermon

2.         3            Mike Overlock                      Hermon           

3.         47            Artie McGuire                     Bucksport

4.         31            Jeff Overlock, Jr                 Hermon

5.         23            Doug Sinclair                        Hermon



Strictly Streets (Coca Cola 35 lap Series, 1 of 3)

Finish  #            Driver                                      Town

1.         37            Jordan Pearson                       Glenburn

2.         27            Wayne Parritt, Jr.                     Steuben                                 

3.         8            Brad Norris                                Ellsworth

4.         66            Rowland Robins, Jr.                Steuben

5.         55            Shawn Hamel, II                     Bangor


Sport Four

Finish  #            Driver                                      Town

1.         16            David Green                          Hampden

2.         66            Spencer Garvin                       Searsport       

3.         77            Steve Moulton                      Glenburn

4.         02            Jason Trundy                        Old Town

5.         46            David Shorey                         Old Town



Finish  #            Driver                                      Town

1.         06            Jordan Pearson                       Glenburn

2.         18            Ernie Wallace                          Winterport

3.         65             Peter Drake                          Holden

4.         6            Andrew Crosby                     Hermon

5.         62            Brett Crosby                        Hermon


Maine Supercup Racing League

Finish  #            Driver                                     

1.         24            Francis Bernard

2.         16            Josh Ireland

3.         15            Rich Hall

4.         99             Fred Ireland

5.         93            Dean Smart


Speedway 95 returns to action on Sunday, May 25th at 2, with the first race in the Sport-Four Series, which is also a qualify for the 4 Cylinder Nationals at Beechridge in July, plus regular racing from the Strictly Streets, Super Streets, Pro-Limiteds, and Trucks. Arrive early for autographs and photo’s your favorite driver.

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