Age: 17
Hometown: Hancock
Racing Series: Allison Legacy
Race Team: KLS Racing
Sponsors: Viking Lumber, Ellsworth Auto Supply
15 Wins
2 Championships
1 National Win
1 National Pole


RPM.   – How did you get started in racing?
Shannon – Racing has always been apart of my family, so when I was nine my dad took me to a local karting track and it was love the first time i got behind the wheel
RPM   – What is your thoughts on the Allison Legacy North Series?
Shannon – I love the Allison Legacy North Series, for the most part the people are great and the race director runs a good show
RPM  – What is your favorite track to race at?
Shannon – Monadonack is my favorite track just because it's always been so tough for me to get a handle on.
RPM – Are you all set  for the race at Canaan coming up this weekend?
Shannon – We are almost all set for Canaan, just a few minor changes to do.
RPM – Do you work on the car as well as drive it?
Shannon – I'm giving my dad moral support when he works on the car.
RPM – Being in a touring series how has the rising fuel prices effected you?
Shannon – The rising gas prices have definitely effected us due to being the furthest traveling competitors almost every where, but they haven't really effected racing, just the at home things… no more random shopping trips!
RPM – What are your plans after high school?
Shannon – In August I'm moving to North Carolina to attend Belmont Abbey College and major in Motorsports Management, the business side of motorsports.
RPM – Where do you see your racing career in 5 years?
Shannon – I see myself racing down south in 5 years, I'm hoping in a dirt late model
RPM – What do you like to do when you are not racing?
Shannon – When I'm not racing I hang out with my friends, shop, work, the average teenage girl stuff
RPM – What's your favorite movie?
Shannon – Cars and Days of Thunder!