Mainely Motor Sports TV and presents  the first annual “Maine Racing Dreams” gift to Randi Baxter.

Steve – We are here with Jason Benner, who is the step dad to Randy Baxter

Are you happy to be on the show?

(A quick nod from Randy)

I understand you were just down at the Special Olympics. How did that go for you?


Randi – It went good.


Steve – Now you did really good in your event?

Randi – Yes.


Steve – Your mom and Jason tell me you are a really big race fan.

Randi – I am.


Steve- You been to some races around here?

Randi – Yes.


Steve – My favorite driver is Kyle Busch, who’s your favorite driver?

Randi – Dale Earnhard.


Steve – Dale Earnhardt, that guy in the 88?

Randi – Yeah.


Steve- Well I don’t have any pictures of that guy in the 88 car, butwould you like a picture of him in the number 8 car?

Randi – Sure.


Steve – Well I got a picture for you from last year, this year I’m going to get a picture for you and maybe you can hang that up on your wall.

Randi – Yeah, alright.


Steve – Today’s your special day, I contacted some friends, Chris Roy over at Maine  They’ve contacted some people and we have put some nice racing stuff together for you. Do you watch the races on TV?

Randi- Yes I do!


Steve – You must know who that “Digger” is, that’s that guy that pops up through the floor on the TV screen, they don’t want to run him over.

Randi – Yes.


Steve – Knick Knack Racing Collectibles got you, a “Digger” t-shirt.

Randi – Ohh!


Steve – So you can where that out in the yard chasing the gofers around.

Randi – Yeah!


Steve – A hat, you know what that is?

Randi – What?


Steve – A NASCAR hat.

Randi – I LIKE THAT!


Steve – You watch NASCAR racing?

Randi – Yes I do.


Steve – I went out started looking for some stuff, for you being a Dale Earnhardt Jr. fan, I went and got you a nice shirt. I don’t know if that’s a color or the number you like?

Randi – I like that number.


Steve – The number 88, so that’s his number I wasn’t sure, I just want to make sure. Now what grade are you in school?

Randi – Ninth Grade.


Steve – This is your step-dad Jason, he seems like pretty good guy. Brought you all the way over here today to put you on TV. He looks a little nervous don’t he? Tell him to loosen up.

Randi – Loosen up!


Steve – Now did you travel down to Special Olympics with her?

Jason – Yes.


Steve – Must be such a special time to see the kids, different disabilities affecting their lives, but you wouldn’t know it being there. So did you meet some nice friends down there?

Randi – (a nod with a smile)


Steve – What else do you like to do besides sit home and watch racing? I know you like to take a nap, because you said as soon as you are done on here you are going to go home and take a nap.

Randi – I like watching a video.


Steve – What videos do you watch?

Randi – Any kind.


Steve – You were hurt 14 yrs ago.  You were burned badly in a fire. You’ve done well and  continued on, in your path in life. You seem pretty up beat and chipper. Going with the flow.  Coming from me I appreciate that because I’m the type of person, no matter how much of a day I’ve had, there are always people that have had a worse day. You just seem like the type of person you don’t let nothing bother you. Would you like to go to a race?

Randi – I want to.


Steve – You want to, so what would you say, if we here today on Mainely Motorsports through the TV show and, Knick Knack Racing Collectibles, Lee the Amzoil guy,  Mainely Concrete, if we were all to kick in and give you 4 tickets to New Hampshire Motor Speedway, this coming June in 2 weeks, to see your favorite driver Dale Earnhardt Jr?!

Randi – (a gasp) I want to go to a race.


Steve – That’s what these are right here, these are the tickets you are going to be there in 2 weeks. To see Dale Earnhardt Jr. race in person. What do you think of that? That would make you pretty happy wouldn’t it?

Randi – Yeah.


Steve – So you think your step-dad and your mom, are going to be able to go with you  and give you a ride down there?

Randi – I don’t know?


Steve – You want to ask him?

Randi – Dad can you take me to the race?

Jason – Oh, I suppose we could!


Steve – That’s going to be a whole fun weekend.

Randi – Yeah.


Steve – What we are going to do, is get some more stuff together for you. I’m going to get you a camera, because I want you taking pictures.  I want you to send me some of your favorite pictures. We are going to put them up on the TV show so we can see how much fun you had down there. Are you pretty excited?

Randi – Yeah.


Steve – Best thing that’s happened to you today so far?

Randi – Yeah.


Steve – Try not to top it.

Randi – Ok.


Steve – We really appreciate you bringing her up here Jason and her mom Vicki.  We wanted to do something special. We contacted you folks as she always wanted to see a NEXTEL Cup race.  Here’s your opportunity!  I hope you enjoy yourself down there. You think you will?

Randi – Yeah.


Steve – You can wear your “Digger” shirt. Half way through the race you can put your Dale, shirt on.  Anything else you want to say to the audience, the people home watching on TV?

Randi – One thing.


Steve – What?

Randi- I’m going to get Dale Earnhardt, right out of the car.


Steve – Right out of the car?! Wouldn’t that be nice. I don’t know if we can pull those type of strings! We were able to do this for you, put this package together.  We are going to put some other things together send them off to you in the mail. I really appreciate you taking the time coming up here and seeing us. I hope we just made a little dream of yours come true. Did we?Randi- Yeah.


Sponsored by Mainely Concrete, Whitten’s Wash-n-Wax, Lee the Amzoil Guy, RPM Racing Photography & Media, Knick Knack Racing Collectibles.