NAPLES, ME, JULY 14, 2008 – The Pro All Stars Series (PASS) North super late models made their annual trip to  Thompson International Speedway Saturday night for a 75 lap shootout and The Full Fendered Frenzy definitely lived up to its billing. The wild night featured great racing, two attempts at a green, white, checkered finish and a post race ruling by PASS officials that declared Ben Rowe the event winner. Although Rick Martin took the checkers first, he was penalized for jumping the final green flag and relegated to second place in the official order of finish.

Martin took the lead at the initial green with Trevor Sanborn in tow. The duo was able to pull away from the pack early on.  A lap six restart allowed Sanborn to take away the top spot for three laps before Martin regained the point.
Sanborn continued to challenge Martin and retook the lead on a lap fifty restart. Sanborn’s lead would once again be short lived as the bumps in turn one sent him skating up the track ,allowing Martin and local PASS stand out Derek Ramstrom by for first and second.  Ramstrom’s run through the field was well received by the Thompson faithful, who have witnessed three consecutive weekly super late model wins by the West Boylston Massachusetts teenager.
Ramstrom and Martin put on a fearsome battle for the lead, but Martin slammed the door on  Ramstroms’ repeated  attempts to make a move on the bottom. The first green, white, checkered attempt of the night proved to be  Ramstrom’s undoing;  Martin moved up the speedway , making contact with Ramstrom  who in  turn made contact with the concrete, ending  a great run that could easily have resulted in Ramstroms’ first PASS North victory.
The second green, white, checkered attempt saw Martin jump out in the lead with teammates Ben Rowe and Trevor Sanborn in hot pursuit. When the checkers flew the unofficial top five were Martin, Rowe, Johnny Clark charging by Sanborn for third and Ramstrom back to fifth.  But Martin’s two car length jump prior to the drop of the green prompted series officials to declare the finish unofficial and the resulting review reversed the top two in the order of finish.
PASS North has the upcoming weekend off, allowing many teams to travel to Orange County Speedway in Rougemont North Carolina for round two of the inaugural PASS National Championship series, The Southern Sizzler 200, on July 18th and 19th. PASS North makes its’ annual visit to Groveton New Hampshire’s Riverside Speedway on July 26th.
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Official Order of Finish – PASS North Full Fendered Frenzy 75 – Thompson International Speedway – July 12, 2008
1) # 4 – Ben Rowe  2) #14 – Rick Martin 3) # 54 – Johnny Clark 4) # 44 – Trevor Sanborn 5) # 35 – Derek Ramstrom 6) # 17 – Travis Benjamin 7) # 33 – Richie Dearborn 8) # 98 – Adam Bates 9) # 2x – Bobby Tripp 10)  # 97h – Walt Hammond 11) # 60 – D.J. Shaw 12) # 16 – Andy Johnson 13) # 25 – Mike Thomas 14) # 70 – Walter Sutcliffe 15). # 14F – Matt Frahm 16) # 40 – Gary Bellefleur 17) # 29 – Corey Williams 18) # 22 – Harry Olson 19) # 8 – Cassius Clark 20) # 6 – Steve Desmarais 21) # 1 – Darryl Stampfl 22) # 15 – Steve Berry 23) # 2 – Mike Rowe 24) # 36 – Dave Silvia