The fireworks at the New Spirit of Unity Raceway wasn't the only thing lighting up the sky. The Men's Peanut division 30 lap feature was just one of the night's outstanding events. Newcomer Zach Audet and Ryan Ripley drove off to an early lead. This two would go door to door until Ripley would take the lead. Derek Cook and Tim Robinson are gaining on the leaders from the back of the pack. These two would catch Ripley and use the outside groove to pass for the lead. Cook would maintain a slight lead over Robinson. Robinson would try everything he could to get around Cook. Cook's machine developed a smoking problem from the right front tire shortly after the half way mark. This problem would remain throughout the rest of the race. The smoking didn't slow the 88 down. Cook would cross the line first, only to have the win taken away in post race inspection. The win would go to the 62 of Tim Robinson. Ryan Ripley would take home the second place trophy. In his first Unity Raceway appearance, Zach Audet would take third. Kyle Gallant and Chris Williams would finish out the top five.

The Geo & Sons Teen Thunder division also had an extended race this beautiful 4th of July evening. The 25 lap feature saw the 01 jump to an early lead. Ben Nile and Ricky Palmer caught each other and started to the front. These two would catch the 01 and take the lead. Nile and Palmer again would put on a show for the crowd showing how well these youngsters can race. Palmer would again take the inside line to pass Nile. Jeremy Ludden would follow the two in third. The lead pack would catch lap traffic. The 16 car lost control and almost collects the Nile machine. This allows Ludden to close in on Nile. Palmer is increasing his lead weaving in and out of lapped traffic. The 01 and Shelby Kimball are putting on a battle for the fourth position. Both drivers are still looking for their first trophy of the year. Palmer is the apparent winner, but he also did not pass post race inspection. This gave many time brides maid, Ben Nile, his first career win. Ludden followed Nile in second. The third place battle was won by the 01. Shelby Kimball continues to improve every week with her fourth place finish. The 16 machine finished fifth.
The Enduro class again had a large field of cars take the green. The New Spirit Management team decided to shake up the class a bit this week. They decided to see if the drivers would do better turning right instead of left. This proved to be interesting to some of the drivers. Others seemed to do better. The 88 machine of Troy Patterson liked this racing backwards. Patterson weaved in and out of the traffic with ease. Alex Fernald, back from his engine woes of a week ago, followed Patterson for the entire race. The 91 of George Fernald III had a passenger peek out of his trunk. Track Manager, George Fernald Jr., needed to check the race surface because of complaints of fluid on the track. Patterson would cross the stripe first for his first trophy in this division. Alex Fernald would follow in second, with Chirs Rudge in third. Ten year old, Robert Dyer, would make his father proud finishing in fourth. Doug Kus topped out the top five.
The Late Model Pro 4 division heat race saw a rematch between Steve Rackliff and Cary Davis. These two have had the cars to watch over the last couple of race weekends. Rackliff was able to use the inside line to take the lead, and the heat race win. The feature had a caution on lap 1 as pole sitter, Sean Johnson, had mechanical issues and had to retire to the pits. Greg Cummings took the deuce to the lead. Cummings has had the back luck cloud following him around over the last few race nights. Cummings lead is dwindling as Rackliff and Davis are coming from their rear starting positions. The two catch Cummings and make the pass on the inside. After clearing Cummings, Rackliff increases his lead over Davis. Jim Dennis is following the pair in third. Davis is trying many lines on the track in attempt to catch Rackliff. Cummings gets bit by the bad luck bug again, as his machine slows on the front stretch and is forced to retire to the pits. Rackliff takes the checkered flag in first. Davis crossing in second, but does not pass post race inspection. This moves Jim Dennis into the second position. Rookie, Ben Clark, takes home the third. Norm Cummings Jr. continues his top five runs finishing in fourth. Corey Walker finished in the fifth position.
The Ladies division took to the track with everyone looking for the race win. Carol Wilson took the 92 machine to the early lead in the heat race. The pretty pink machine of Chelsea Young challenges Wilson on the inside for the lead. Wilson proves to be tough and the pair go side by side for many laps. Young would take the lead and never look back for the heat race win. The feature would have the Ladies putting on one of the best races of the season. Young jumps to an early race lead. Last Year's Ladies Co-Champion, Melissa Higgins, follows in second. She is closely challenged by Mika Wilson in third. Young is pulling away from the field in cruise mode. Samantha Letourneau catches the battling Higgins and Mika Wilson. Letourneau takes advantage of the loose race car of Wilson and makes the pass on the outside. Letourneau sets her eyes on the Higgins machine which has began to smoke. The field would be closed up when a caution flies on the last lap. The ladies are getting ready for the first green-white-checkered run of the season. Higgins jumps to the lead. All competitors think they have a chance for the lead. Young catches Higgins going into turn 3. The two would touch causing Higgins to spin. This gives Letourneau the break she needed. She gets to the flag first taking her second win of the season. Young is able to continue on from the crash to finish in second. Mika Wilson cut across the infield grass to take home her first career trophy in third. Higgins would recover in fourth. Kayla Robinson would follow in fifth.
The Limited division had a hard time keeping their cars together today. Many cars were unable to compete in the heat race and feature due to mechanical problems. The heat race would have Frank Moulton jump to the early lead. The lead would be short lived as Deane Smart would catch Moulton. The two would go side by side with Smart on the inside. Smart would loose the handle on his 24. This would bring out the caution. Moulton would take the lead on the restart and never look back for the heat race win. The feature had Jerry Robbins Jr take the lead. The Robbins machine would be challenged by Moulton and Dustin Hubbard. These two would try for a way around for many laps. Bobby Segar would catch the pack and make the pass on the outside. Smart would follow Segar for second. Segar's lead was short lived as mechanical problems slowed the leader. This allows Smart to take the lead with Moulton in tow. Smart never looks back to take the win. Moulton would take home another trophy this week in second. The real battle was for third. Robbins Jr and Hubbard would battle to the end. Robbins Jr would cross the line in third. Hubbard would have to settle for fourth. Segar would limp home in fifth.
The Wildcat division started its largest field of the season. Carl McAlpine back this week jumped to the lead and win in the heat race. McAlpine would again take the lead in the feature. Troy Patterson would clear traffic and start reeling in the leading McAlpine. The first caution would fly when the spinning 55 of Shawn Hamel II spun on the back stretch. McAlpine and Patterson would go door to door on the restart. Tim Hudson followed the pair waiting for someone to make a mistake so he could jump to the lead. McAlpine would drift wide allowing Patterson to take the lead. The lead was short lived as McAlpine retakes the lead on the outside. Hudson still being patient used lapped traffic to sneak by Patterson on the inside for second. McAlpine would take the race win. Hudson would take home the second place trophy. Patterson finished the race in third, but was unable to pass post race inspection. This moved Shawn Hamel to third, followed by Shawn Hamel II in fourth. #32 finished out the top five.
The Sportsman division had a fine field of cars. The heat race saw the winning ways of point leader, Brad Bellows, continue. He jumped to the early heat race lead and never looked back. The feature saw side by side action by Kris Watson and John Kalel II. These drivers would show patience as neither could take the lead. Kalel II would take a slight lead using the outside. Kalel II would get loose allowing Watson to over take the lead. Kris Huff taking the 21 machine towards the front catches the battling cars. He uses the outside groove to take the lead from Watson. Bellows is held up in traffic but moving to the front. Huff tries to increase his lead. Bellows clears the traffic and puts his sights on Huff. Bellows catches Huff and tries to use the inside to make the pass for the lead. The two white machines go side by side for many laps with Bellows finally taking the lead. Bellows takes the win. Huff follows in second. Kris Watson returns to the track with a third place finish. The 5 of Kalel II takes the fourth position. The 8 piloted by Bryan Robbins finishes out the top 5.
The highly competitive Monsta Mini division took the green with Mike Wilson and Jason Trudy jumping to the lead. Wilson was able to overtake Trundy on the outside for the lead and the heat race win. Lewis Batchelder would return to Unity by jumping to the early race lead. Batchelder would be followed by the Mustang of Richard Jackson. The 04X of Matt Picard clears traffic to take the third position. Mike Wilson is using the inside groove to make his way to the front. This push would be short lived as the spinning Wilson would be collected by Duane Dunifer. The Wilson and Dunifer machines would be taken to the pits on the hook and retired for the evening. Batchelder jumped to the lead again after the caution. Jackson would be challenged by the 02 of Jason Trundy. Trundy would use the inside line to take second place. Robinson battles Gary Richards for fourth. Trundy catches Batchelder. The 02 tries inside and outside to take the lead. Trundy gets his nose of the outside. Batchelder would not be denied and takes the feature win. Trundy would follow in second. Jackson would take home his first trophy of the season in third. The "Orange Crush" of Robinson would follow in fourth. Richards would finish out the top five.
Friday Night's Race Event will show case the Wicked Good Antique Racers. It is Beach-O-Rama night for the Race Fans. Also, 1st Annual HULA HOOP HAPPENING!!!!