Unity Raceway will celebrate it's 60th Anniversary/Fan Appreciation night on Friday. This celebration will enable fans to mingle with drivers of the past and present. Fans will be able to go onto the track and meet present drivers and see race cars up close. Drivers of the past will be available to chat and sign autographs.

Some of the past drivers attending are Steve Nelson, Bob Bellows, Norris Willette, Dana Graves, Mackie Moore, Dave Wilcox, Butch Burgess, Jeff Burgess, Matt Lee, Ron Lee, Ricky Burgess, Larry Burgess, Leon Burgess, Charlie Merrill, Ken Pelotte, David Boyce Sr, Jim McGinnis, Dick McPhail, Daryl Fotter, Bob Fotter, Greg Veinote, Larry Pottle, Tim Turner, Gary Thorne, Chris Thorne, Red Giroux, Blackie Hillard, Buster Grover, Fuzzy Holden, Tim Wood, Dick Turner, John Phippen, Keryn Laite, Bobby Ellison, Bill Winter, Larry Morton, Joel Tozier, Babe Tozier, Larry Morse, Sammy Reynolds, Ray Penfold, Bob Colson, Rus Abbott, Art Arsenault, and Dan Soames. This list is growing daily. If you are a past champion and would like to attend, please let us know. Drivers of the present will also be available to autographs. The autograph sessions will begin at 6pm. Please join us for this night of history.