Fan Appreciation/Champions night proved to be fun for young and old. The largest crowd of the season saw the past champions signing autographs, while current drivers filled up the track meeting fans face to face. It was a fun night for all. Track management would like to thank everyone that made this event one to remember.

The Monsta Mini division saw one of it's largest field's this year hit the track. Mike Wilson continued his winning ways in the first heat race with Markus Lowe right on his bumper. Kyle Gallant took control of the second heat race. Gary Richards gave him a side by side battle on the last lap. Richards car broke loose in the last corner allowing Gallant the win. Richards crossed the line backwards for second. Mike Wilson, returning from his mechanical woes of a week ago, jumps to the early race lead. Gary Richards clears traffic for second. Paul and Richard Jackson follow the pair in third and fourth. Wilson is checking out on the field. Richard Jackson has caught Richards for second. Duane Dunifer has moved thru the field to take third from Paul Jackson. Wilson takes the win. Richard Jackson continues his string of second place finishes. Duane Dunifer returns to victory lane in third. Paul Jackson continues his run of top five finishes in fourth. Chad Elkins takes the #12 machine to a fifth place finish.
The Limited division heat race was a battle from the drop of the checkered flag. Joey Doyon and Deane Smart would race door handle to door handle for almost the entire race. Doyon is able to take a slight lead on the outside and take the heat race win. Doyon jumps to the early lead in the feature. Brad Bellows, up from the Sportsman class, takes over second position. Smart is challenging Bellows on the inside. Caution on lap 9 for a spinning Dustin Hubbard slows the field. Caution would fly again on lap 10 as Dave St Clair and Hubbard would find the turn one banking. Doyon retakes the lead on the restart. Smart would use the inside line again to take over the second position from Bellows. Caution would fly again on lap 12 as Josh St Clair is stuck on the back stretch lip. The restart would find Hubbard and Dave St Clair again spinning into the turn one bank. Hubbard is able to drive away. Dave St Clair is carried to the pits on the hook with major damage. Doyon would take the lead on this final restart and never look back. Doyon crosses the line first. Smart is able to hold off the charging Bellows for second. Bellows takes home his first trophy of the year from the Limited division. Gary Thorne, making his 2008 Unity debut, finishes out a strong fourth. Hubbard, recovering from all the cautions, finishes out the top five.
Young Alex Fernald took his #2 machine to the early race lead. Alex Fernald, James Swan, Jr, and Dominic Bailey are weaving thru lapped traffic. Bailey has some troubles and looses the top pair. Joey Doyon, trying his hand at Enduro driving, makes a daring three wide move to take over the second spot from James Swan Jr. Doyon has caught the leading Alex Fernald. Doyon and Alex Fernald go door to door going into to turn one. A lapped car on the outside forces contact between the pair. The Fernald machine slows as a right front tire has been cut down. Doyon pulls away from the field. Doug Kus has moved into the second position as Alex Fernald continues to slow. Newcomer, Ryan Chadwick, has taken over the third place position. Doyon continues to weave thru lapped traffic with ease. Doyon crosses the stripe for the win. Doug Kus finishes in second. Ryan Chadwick makes his first trip to Unity's victory lane. Patrick Cook, piloting a new machine, finishes in a strong fourth place position. Shadow Folsom finishes out the top five.
The Men's Peanut division saw Cody Sleeper take the early race lead in the first heat race. Derek Cook used the inside lane to take the lead away from Cody Sleeper and cruise to the heat race win. Josh Childs and Ryan Ripley would go door to door in the second heat race. Childs would take the lead on the outside and take the second heat race win. Flagman, Buster Roy, catches the field sleeping. Ed Sleeper was paying attention and jumps to the lead on the start. Ryan Ripley catches Ed Sleeper and uses the inside groove to make the inside pass. Kyle Gallant follows Ripley into second place. Tom Carter and Josh Childs clear the field and challenge Gallant for second. Ripley is weaving thru the lapped cars with ease. Childs clears Carter to take over the second position. Ripley cruises to the win. Childs is able to hold off the charging Carter for second. Carter, making his Unity debut, makes a trip to victory lane for third. Gallant finishes a strong fourth. Cody Sleeper finishes out the top five.
The Ladies division heat race saw a side by side battle between Samantha Letourneu and Molly Feeney. Letourneau is able to power her machine past Feeney for the heat race win. Kayla Robinson uses the inside of the track to take the early race lead. Letourneau and Feeney are again battling to take the lead. A spin by Feeney allows Letourneau to pass Robinson for the lead. Feeney spins in turn two bringing out the caution on lap 3. Letourneau is able to again take the lead from Robinson on the restart. Chelsea Young, using the Teen Thunder car of Ricky Palmer, moves in the third place position. Feeney has recovered from her spin and moved into fourth. Robinson and Feeney would race door to door. There cars would touch in turn four sending both cars off the front stretch. This moves last years co-point champion, Melissa Higgins, into third position. Letourneau has increased her lead over Young. Letourneau continues her dominance with another checkered flag. Young takes the second spot. Higgins shakes her bad luck to take home her first trophy of the season. Mika Wilson continues her string of top five finishes in fourth. Mary Reed makes home her first top five finish of the season.
Brad Bellows and Donnie York fought for the lead in the Sportsman heat race. A caution on lap 3 for the spinning Skip Conner allows Bellows to jump to the lead on the restart and take home the win. Mark Dodge takes his purple machine to the front in the feature. Caution flies on lap 2 as Doug St Clair finds the turn 4 banking. Dodge and Brad Bellows fight for the lead on the restart. Brian Robbins spins off the track and onto the pit road access. Kris Huff looses control on the front stretch and brings out the caution for both machines on lap 4. Bellows again takes the lead over Dodge. Kris Watson has moved into the third spot. John Kalel, II, sporting his new machine, fights for fourth position with Donnie York. Caution flies again on lap 7 as Kalel spins off the back stretch fighting for position with York. Bellows takes the lead and never looks back to take the win. Dodge has a fine run in second. York goes to victory lane with the third place run. Kris Watson finishes a fine night in fourth. Bryan Robbins recovers from his spin of the track to complete the top five.
The Late Model Pro 4 division had the largest field of the season this race night. Steve Rackliff continued his winning ways by taking the first heat race over Ben Clark. The second heat race saw Corey Walker shake his bad luck ways by taking the lead. Bill Ellis cleared traffic and tried to reel in the leading Walker. Time ran out, and Walker took home his first checkered flag of the season. Walker continued his fine run in the feature by jumping to the early race lead. Cary Davis, piloting a damaged machine, followed Walker. Walker is driving away from the field. Rackliff has the #94 machine on auto pilot cruising up thru the field from his last place starting position. Rackliff is fighting Reggie Bickford on lap 9 for fifth place. Bickford drifts high allowing Rackliff and Jim Dennis to sneak by on the inside. Rackliff put his sights on the third place car of Ben Clark. Rackliff moves past Clark. Davis, sitting in second, has a rear view mirror full of the Rackliff machine. Rackliff uses the inside groove to pass Davis for second. Rackliff is gaining on the leading Walker. Rackliff moves past Walker on the outside and drives away for the win. Walker has a 2008 best finish in second. Davis limps his machine in third. Clark had a strong finish in fourth. Dennis finished out the top five.
The Unity Variety & Video Wildcat division saw Mike Hodgkins return on champions night and prove he can still drive. Hodgkins jumps to the heat race lead and never looked back for the win. Carl McAlpine takes the early race lead over Hodgkins. Tim Hudson follows the pair in third. Dustin Hubbard and Troy Patterson battle for the fourth position. McAlpine and Hodgkins race door to door. McAlpine is able to use the outside lane to take the lead over Hodgkins. Hodgkins does not give up easily keeping his bumper on the inside of the McAlpine for many laps. McAlpine increases his lead over Hodgkins. Patterson and Hubbard are having a battle for the fourth position. McAlpine cruises to the line for another Wildcat division win. Hodgkins crosses the line second, but does not pass post race inspection. Tim Hudson is moved to the second position. Patterson beats Hubbard to the line for third. Hal Stratton finishes out the top five.
The Geo & Sons Teen Thunder saw Ben Nile jump to a commanding lead in the heat race. Problems with lapped traffic draws the field closer. Nile is able to hold on for the heat race win. Ricky Palmer brings his 30 machine back from last weeks accident to jump to the early race lead. Jordan Hawes fights back on the inside to take back the lead. Caution on lap 2 for Ben Nile and Brandon Greenleaf allows Palmer to jump back to the lead on the restart. Shelby Kimball is gaining on the leaders in third. Jeremy Ludden has moved into the fourth position from the rear of the field. Palmer is weaving thru traffic gaining on the field. Caution would fly as Ben Nile has a problem with lapped traffic and spins into the turn one banking. Kimball challenges Palmer for the lead on the restart. Palmer would clear Kimball and take back the lead. Ludden sneaks by Kimball to move into second. Ludden catches Palmer and tries the inside for the lead. Palmer would not be denied and takes the win. Ludden finishes a strong second. Nile would recover from his spin for a third place finish. Kimball continued her top five finishes in fourth. The 88 machine finished out the top five.
The Wicked Good Antique Racers joined the Fan Appreciation/Champions night. Many of these cars have ties to the past champions that were in attendance. It allowed memories to be shared with all. Joe Legere again took the checkered flag in the Modified division. Travis Johns was able to take advantage of the spin by Billy Boyle to take the win in the Bomber class.
This week we will find out "What the Flying Fernald Will Jump This Year". It is Race Your Neighbor Race #2. There will also be a fund raiser for the Unity Food Bank. Hope to see you there.