Beattie, Blackwell, Thompson, Armington, Varney also crowned

OXFORD, Maine – Kyle Metivier did everything within his power to capture the JARRacing Photography Go Kart Series in the Unrestricted division, winning his second straight 20-lap feature to conclude the season Friday night.

Robbie Wentworth crossed the line exactly where he needed to finish to earn the title, however. A sixth-place finish left Wentworth with a two-point advantage in the age 16-and-up class.

Wentworth led the Unrestricted standings from start to finish after an opening-night victory on May 2.
While those two drivers and their fans had all the mathematics of their dramatic title chase figured out, David Blackwell demonstrated that nothing is certain until the trophies are handed out at the technical inspection shack.
Blackwell's race win, coupled with a disqualification at tech, allowed Blackwell to leapfrog from third to first and win the Gold Plate crown by a scant three points over Josh Brown.
With his third victory of the season, Blackwell wrapped up the division title in his first season at OPS.
To put the margins in perspective over an 11-race season, there is a two-point drop-off for every position in a feature event and one point per heat race finishing spot in Oxford's point system.
Evan Armington was the only other driver in true danger of losing his point lead entering the finale. Leaving nothing to chance, Armington drove off with his fifth Purple Plate feature win and second straight class championship.
Spencer Thompson used a second-place finish to wrap up his first Blue Plate title. Thompson won twice during the season.
Stephen Beattie concluded the season with a nine-race winning streak and secured Star Champ honors for the second straight summer.
One champion, Brandon Varney, didn't even have to fire the engine to collect his title. Varney entered the night with an insurmountable Box Stock lead, good for his second championship in three seasons. 
Varney celebrated by allowing friend Brodie Morse drive his car. Morse matched a career best with a second-place finish. Varney locked up his achievement with six wins, making himself the career feature wins leader in the entry-level division. He also wound up second in Purple Plate points and thi rd in the Blue Plate sweepstakes.
Other feature winners on the night were Troy Davis, scoring his third checkered flag of the campaign in Blue Plate, and Kyle Mooney, bagging his third in Box Stock.
There's one kart race remaining: next Friday's JARRacing Photography Kart Klash, starting at 6:30 p.m.

OPS returns to action Saturday at 6:30 p.m. with Time Warner Cable/99.9 The Wolf Fan Appreciation Night. Adult admission is halved to $5 for the evening, with free junior tickets. Highlights include five divisions of racing, giveaways galore and an autograph session prior to the races.

UNRESTRICTED (20 laps): 1. Kyle Metivier, Lisbon; 2. Aaron Collomy, Saco; 3. Tyler Braunschweig, West Newfield; 4. Charlie Tyler, Buxton; 5. Dan Pelletier Jr., East Poland; 6. Robbie Wentworth, Conway, N.H.; 7. Jeff Lillibridge, Fryeburg; 8. Kayla Ashline, Pittston.
Lap leaders: Tyler 1-3, Braunschweig 4-6, Metivier 7-20.
Heat winner: Braunschweig.

STAR CHAMP (20 laps): 1. Stephen Beattie, Conway, N.H.; 2. Mike Ricker, Sebago.
Lap leaders: Ricker 1-4, Beattie 5, Ricker 6, Beattie 7, Ricker 8, Beattie 9-20.
Heat winner: Beattie.

GOLD PLATE (20 laps): 1. David Blackwell, Brunswick; 2. Kyle Metivier, Lisbon; 3. Zach Harmon, Buxton; 4. Brady Smith, Porter; 5. Tyler King, Livermore Falls; 6. Josh Brown, South Paris; 7. Katrin a Bright, Wilton; 8. Ryan Phillips, Buxton. DQ: Spencer Morse, Waterford.
Lap leaders: Blackwell 1-20.
Heat winner: Bright.

BLUE PLATE (20 laps): 1. Troy Davis, Windham; 2. Spencer Thompson, Oxford; 3. Brandon Varney, Lewiston; 4. Jacob Hendsbee, Whitefield; 5. Avery Spear, Oxford; 6. Cody Chiasson, Peru; 7. Chris Staples Jr., Brunswick.
Lap leaders: Poisson 1-2, Varney 3-7, David 8-20.
Heat winner: Staples.

PURPLE PLATE (20 laps): 1. Evan Armington, Lovell; 2. Zachary Rich, Casco; 3. Dylan Haskell, West Baldwin; 4. Brandon Varney, Lewiston; 5. Owen Poisson, Brunswick; 6. Hunter Sirois, Leeds.
Lap leaders: Rich 1-8, Armington 9-20.
Heat winner: Varney.

BOX STOCK (20 laps): 1. Kyle Mooney, New Gloucester; 2. Brodie Morse, Waterford; 3. Ethan Matot, Casco; 4. Chase Staples, Durham; 5. Ethan Brown, South Paris; 6. Matthew Mason, Groveton, N.H.
Lap leaders: Mooney 1-20.
Heat winner: Brown.