Mike Landry always seems to be smiling at the track. and he has good reason to be smiling,
with 6 wins and 15 top five finishes this past season at Wiscasset Raceway.  Though two unfortunate finishes kept him from the championship, Mike did finish out the season 3rd in points.

RPM. Now that the 2008 race season is over, what are your plans for 2009? and what will you be doing until the season starts up again?
Mike.I may be racing an lms or prostock at Wiscasset, or a sport series at Beech Ridge. Undecided. Playing poker, working on the sport series car and trying to find a late model or prostock for Wiscasset.

RPM. You have competed in both local short track series and PASS Sportsman Touring Series, What are the pros & cons of each?
Mike. Local short track pros: less expensive, closer to home, developing relationships with people from the track.
Local short track cons: points racing.
Touring pros: doing well at a variety of tracks, gaining more experience as a driver, not point racing.
Touring cons: Expensive, traveling.

RPM. What is your favorite track to race at?(why)
Mike. White Mountains. Theres alot of grip, two grooves, banked, fast and fun.

RPM. How did the rise in fuel prices effect you, this past season?
Mike. Instead of running straight racing fuel, I mixed with super unleaded.

RPM. How did you get started in racing?
Mike. I grew up watching my uncle Lyman and my cousin Dan McKeage racing at Beech Ridge, and when I was able to afford to purchase a race car, I bought one for $1500.00 race ready and have been hooked ever since.

RPM. Whats most memorable moument in your racing career?
Mike. Gettting my first win at White Mountains.

RPM. If you could change on thing to improve the racing on the track what would it be?
Mike. A softer tire and more a few more experienced drivers.

RPM. Who is the toughest driver to race against for the checkered flag on the track?
Mike. Dan McKeage