Hometown: Litchfield
Series / track: Strictly Street / Wiscasset Raceway
Car: #52 Monte Carlo
Sponsors: Daine's Signs, Litchfield Country Store, Paul's Pick A Part, and Natrually Good Pets
Career Stats: 2000 Heat Win at OPS in Strictly Streets
2002 2nd place finish in Outlaws
2003 two 2nd place finishes in Outlaws
2004 5th place points finish Wiscasset Raceway
2004 Hard Luck Award
2008 5th place points finish Wiscasset Raceway
2008 Hard Luck Award

Q. How did you get started into racing?
A. I got my start back in August of 1996, my dad traded a chevy 4wheeldrive transfer case and $50.00 for and old street stock.

Q. What are your plans for the 2009 race season?
A. To hopefully run as good as we did in 2008, be consistent every week. Consistency is our key and to have fun.

Q What are the pros and cons of local short track racing?
A. Pros: Close to home, family oriented. Cons: financial side of it all…

Q. If you could change one thing to improve the racing at Wiscasset Raceway, what would it be?
A. Car count, repave the surface. other then that i don't think much can be changed.

Q. Whats your most memorable moment in your racing career?
A. Racing with my dad in 2008 for the first time ever and starting side by side on the front row.

Q. What is the Key to getting around Wiscasset Raceway?
A. alway be looking ahead at whats happenning ahead of you, good handling car, working your way around the bump in turn 4.

Q. With a 5th place finish in the points at Wiscasset in 2008, who is your strongest competition for 2009 Championship?
A.With the field being fairly equal it hard to say. With new drivers coming in to the division and some drivers moving to other divisions it makes it hard to say.

Q. How has the economy affected your racing for 2009?

A. Our big thing is goin to be fuel and tires. With the new rule of goin on the track tire and having run the radials and having to buy the first set of track tires is goin to be hard. Sposors are very hard to find so financial back is limited.

Q. What have you been doing in the off season?
A. Working on the car and spending time with my 3 kids and my wife. otherwise really don't do much in the winter, with the economy being the way it is.