For those of you that dont know about the early tire deal we have going here are the details
Hoosier 790. 23x7x13 and 23x7x14
I must have the money by 4/5/09
I will be going to get the tire the week of 4/13
$70 each, $10 off normal price
10 Tire maximum (enough for one year ont he tour, 4 to start, 1 per race)
money can be sent by mail or paypal (paypal must include 3% fee)

NEMST 16V Rule Update
After reviewing all the responses, e-mails, and phone calls about the 16V cars joining the tour here is what we have come up with

1 LB per CC, Minimum 2200, +100 LBS for 16V*
55% Left Weight for 8V, 54% Left Weight for 16V
Stock Injection System including FPR and Injectors
Engine must be stock for Make, Model, and Year
.040 Overbore
Stock Camshafts
No Porting or Polishing
Max Compression 12:1

*Weight may be adjusted in the interest of competition

this is to see how it goes. if the wieghts do need to be adjusted we will do it before the end of the season. We will keep this fair for all cars involved