Hometown: Newcastle, ME
Series / track: North East Mini Stock Tour (NEMST)
Car : Semi-tubed Cavalier on Hoosier's
Sponsors: Mom and Dad, Kim, Glenn, Postal Center USA, GNS Mobile Quick Lube, Days Cove Builders, Boothbay Energy, S.F. Prentice and Sons., Denham Enterprises, American Container, Dave's AG,and Community Oxygen, and help from Bob Guptill.
Career Stats: 4 Feature wins, about 20 Heat wins, 5th Place overall in 06' Runner-up Champion in 2007, 3rd overall outta 32 in 2008, Rookie of the year, Raceteam of the week, 2 Pole awards.

Q. How did you get started into racing?
A. A friend's dad offered me a ride in a kart for the remainder of 05' and I've been hooked since

Q. What are your plans for the 2009 race season?
A. Racing my car in the NEMST, maybe running a few indoor kart races this winter, and working as crew chief on my boss's kid's kart.

Q What do you think of the inaugural NEMST season?
A. I think it's a great idea. We're running it with help from Bobby Guptill, and he's a great guy to deal with. I think that the first year will be the toughest and so far Bob is doing a great job getting some great tracks on the schedule. I can't wait to run my rookie season in cars in the NEMST.

Q. If you could change one thing to improve the racing, what would it be?
A. The price of everything. And no one track showing favortism.

Q. Whats your most memorable moment in your racing career?
A. Probably my first career win. during the heat I had the clutch come thru my seat and dig into my side. So we started at the back and charged to the front after just throwing a new seat in the kart. Not knowing any numbers or anything 5 minutes before the feature. I just was so happy and it will stay with me forever.

Q. Your thoughts on local short track racing vs touring series?
A. I think that a tour series costs more, but in the end is better, because there's less races and less drama because after 20 weeks i'm sure people are wanting to kill each other.

Q. where do you see your racing career in 5 years?
A. In Late Models or an SK Light Mod, hopefully but maybe not if the economy stays this way.

Q. How has the economy affected your racing for 2009? (exmp. Sponsors, fuel, travel?)
A. It is effecting our schedule and instead of me getting a hans like i would have wanted. I will only get a hutchens so i can race the full schedule of the NEMST. the economy is really putting a grip on everything.

Q. What have you been doing in the off season?
A. During the off season we have been preparing for the 09' season and just doing anything to think/talk/watch racing. even if that was just going on youtube. I eat/sleep/breath racing and if I ever get the chance to race year round, you can bet I'll be taking that deal.