Unity ME (May 16)  The Pro All Stars Series (PASS)  Mod and Sportsman  series  made the trip to Unity Raceway after a one year hiatus, and  for Andy Shaw (Mod) and Shane Tatro (Sportsman) it was a triumphant return to Maine’s toughest oval.

Shaw nabbed his first PASS Mod win of 2009 over Jerry Harrison and Scott Grant. Shaw charged to the lead from his seventh place starting spot on lap six, overhauling Bill Dixon for the point. Shaw had the advantage over Harrison, Dixon, Scott Grant and Steve Bennett Jr. at the half way mark but the 66 slipped up the speedway coming off turn two one lap later and Harrison dove low to take over the lead. The pair started side by side on a lap 21 restart, and five laps later Shaw worked his way around Harrison to retake the lead. At the checker it was Shaw by four car lengths. Scott McDaniel and Steve Bennett Jr. each scored heat race wins

Shane Tatro’s first PASS Sportsman win wasn’t a “gimme” by any means. Tatro started ninth on the field and worked his way to the front as Mike Landry, Dan McKeage and Carey Martin waged a war at the front of the field. McKeage and Landry ran side by side lap after lap; McKeage had the better of Landry off turn two but Landry would draw even at the start/finish line.

Meanwhile, Tatro had worked his way into the top three, and tried to challenge McKeage for the lead, but he was denied. It looked like McKeage was on his way t  his second win of 2009  but Tatro would get one last shot at him when Kyle Hart spun, setting up a green/white/checker finish.
It was Tatro outside of McKeage, and the preferred outside groove gave Tatro the advantage he needed to capture the checkers. McKeage ran second, with Martin third, Dan Hennessey fourth and Mike Landry fifth. Landry and McKeage checkered the Sportsman heat races.

The PASS Mods head for Lee USA Speedway for the first of several 2009 appearances on Friday June 5th. The Sportsman series is back on track at Unity Raceway for a special NAPA –sponsored 2 for 1 event.

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Unofficial Results – PASS Mod 40 lap feature – Unity Raceway, Unity ME –May 16 2009
1) 66-Andy Shaw 2) 5-Jerry Harrison 3) 27-Scott Grant 4) 03-Gary Norris Jr. 5) 33-Bill Dixon 6) 29-Greg Ellis 7) 12-Steve Bennett Jr. 8) 14-Scott McDaniel 9) 50-Sumner Sessions 10) 2-Glenn Bradbury 11) 56-Dan Somes 12) 21-Sulo Burbank

Unofficial Results –PASS Sportsman 75 lap feature- Unity Raceway, Unity ME – May 16 2009
1) 7-Shane Tatro 2) 38-Dan McKeage 3) 18-Carey Martin 4) 8-Clyde Hennessey  5) 40-Mike Landry 6) 58-Lyman McKeage 7) -5 John Kalel II 8) 19S-Duanne Seekins 9) 56-Mike Short 10) 60-Kyle Hart 11) 48L-Mike Lynch 12) 80-Dana Reed 13) 64-Ed Drake 14) 02-Frank Wear 15) 02F-David Fowler 16) 48A-Meagan Allen