Barre, VT – Veteran driver Dennis Demers of Shelburne, VT takes home the win on Harvest Equipment Night’s stock car event at Thunder Road International Speedbowl. Demers took the green on the outside pole and battled another veteran, Robbie Crouch during the early stages of the 50 lap feature. Crouch fought off third place finisher Phil Scott for the runner-up position. Joey Becker and Trampas Demers rounded out the top five, while Brooks Clark, Jean-Paul Cyr, Grant Folsom, Matt White, and Eric Chase finished in the top ten.

Sophmore driver Mike Ziter from Williamstown captured his second career win in the NAPA Tiger Sportsman after Ricky Roberts’ car shutdown on a green-white-checker finish. Bobby Therrien inherited second while Tony Rossi finished third. Derrick O’Donnell came home fourth followed by David Finck. Joey Roberts, James Hebert, Matt Potter, Joey Laquerre, and Joel Hodgdon round out the top ten.

East Haven’s Michael Moore survived a wild finish in the Allen Lumber Street Stocks/Powershift Junkyard Warriors Main Event to claim the win. He was chased to the line by Tim Campbell, Joe Blais, Gary Bashaw, and Bunker Hodgdon. Donnie Yates was the lone Powershift Junkyard Warrior to make the Main and therefore took home top finishing Junkyard Warrior Honors.

Hardwick’s Greg Adams scored his second Reserve victory in a row on Harvest Equipment Night. Rookie driver Jamie Davis came home second followed by Shawn Cook.

Harvest Equipment Night Results – 6/19/09


Unofficial Late Model Feature Results – 1. Dennis Demers (86) Shelburne, VT, 2. Robbie Crouch (48VT) South Burlington, VT, 3. Phil Scott (14) Montpelier, VT, 4. Joe Becker (16) Jeffersonville, VT, 5. Trampas Demers (85) South Burlington, VT, 6. Brooks Clark (68) Fayston, VT, 7. Jean-Paul Cyr (11VT) Milton, VT, 8. Grant Folsom (81) Waitsfield, VT, 9. Matt White (42VT) Northfield, VT, 10. Eric Chase (40VT) Milton, VT, 11. John Donahue (26VT) Graniteville, VT, 12. Cal Poulin (87) Braintree, VT, 13. Tony Andrews (1) Northfield, VT, 14. Dave Pembroke (44) Montpelier, VT, 15. Mike Bailey (00) Barre, VT, 16. Jerry Lesage (74) Winooski, VT, 17. Nicholas Sweet (88) Barre, VT, 18. David Whitcomb (25) Essex Jct., VT, 19. Jamie Fisher (18) Shelburne, VT, 20. Cris Michaud (6) Northfield, VT, 21. #Dylan Smith (34) Randolph, VT, 22. Steve Fisher (24) Shelburne, VT, 23. Craig Bushey (05) Cambridge, VT, 24. Rich Lowrey (8VT) Charlotte, VT, 25. Reno Gervais (12VT) Island Pond, VT, 26. Kyle Caron (22VT) Colchester, VT.


Unofficial NAPA Tiger Sportsman Feature Results – 1. Mike Ziter (26) Williamstown, VT, 2. Bobby Therrien (4) Hinesburg, VT, 3. Tony Rossi (90) Barre, VT, 4. Derrick O'Donnell (68) Bradford, VT, 5. David Finck (37) Barre, VT, 6. Joey Roberts (50) Georgia, VT, 7. James Hebert (58) Williamstown, VT, 8. Matt Potter (23) Marshfield, VT, 9. Joey Laquerre (15) E. Montpelier, VT, 10. Joel Hodgdon (36) Craftsbury, VT, 11. George May (16) Barre, VT, 12. Lance Allen (18) Barre, VT, 13. John Lambert (2) Northfield, VT, 14. Josh Demers (10) Middlesex, VT, 15. Ricky Roberts (9) Washington, VT, 16. Doug Crowningshield (14) Barre, VT, 17. Joe Steffen (00) Essex Jct., VT, 18. Pete Ainsworth Jr. (80) Middlesex, VT, 19. Shawn Fleury (31) Middlesex, VT, 20. Brendan Moodie (94) Wolcott, VT, 21. Tom Therrien (48) Hinesburg, VT, 22. Jeff Bousquet (60) Montpelier, VT, 23. Sean McCarthy (86) Williamstown, VT, 24. Cody Blake (99) Barre, VT, 25. Jeff French (06) Northfield, VT, 26. Scott Coburn (1) Barre, VT, 27. Mark Barnier (0) Essex Jct., VT, 28. Tim Potter (28) Plainfield, VT.


Unofficial Allen Lumber Street Stocks/Powershift Junkyard Warriors Main Event Top Ten – 1. Michael Moore (06SS) East Haven, VT, 2. Timmy Campbell (34SS)W. Topsham, VT, 3. Joe Blais (14SS) E. Barre, VT, 4. Gary Bashaw (92SS), Lincoln, VT, 5. Bunker Hodgdon (83SS) Hardwick, VT, 6. Markus Farnham (13SS) Randolph Ctr, VT, 7. Gary Mullen (29SS) Tunbridge, VT, 8. Jason Corliss (61SS) Danville, VT, 9. Michael MacAskill (3SS) Williamstown, VT, 10. Mike Martin (01SS) Craftbury Comn,VT.


Unofficial Allen Lumber Street Stocks/Powershift Junkyard Warriors Reserve Top Ten – 1. Greg Adams Jr. (38SS) Hardwick, VT, 2. #Jamie Davis (43SS) Wolcott, VT, 3. Shawn Cook (91SS) Hyde Park, VT, 4. David LaFleche (2SS) Graniteville, VT, 5. Ken Christman (4JYW) Cabot, VT, 6. Keith Fortier (35JYW) Hinesburg, VT, 7. Mark LaFleche (63JYW) Williamstown, VT, 8. #Mike Gay (03SS) So. Burlington, VT, 9. #Justin Gay (16SS) Barre, VT, 10. Alex Whitcomb (78JYW) Montpelier, VT.