The NEMST has successfully completed to second race of seven points races for the 2009 season. Emerson Cayer made it 2 for 2 in a thrilling finish. Shawn Sinclair started on the pole after Ricky Porter elected to take the rear of the field to run for the Mainely Motorsports Hard Charger award. Shawn was in control of the race for the first 10 circuits, leading Loren Smith Jr. and Loren Smith Sr. Roger Ducharme made the long haul again from Foster, RI to have a strong first half showing while falling back to the seventh position in the finshing order.

On lap 11 Ricky Porter took the lead in a strong move on the outside with Emerson Cayer and Justin Trombley right on his heels.. Ricky led unchallenged until Cayer made a hard drive on the inside on lap 17. Emerson finally took the lead for good on lap 19 and only looked back while Porter pushed him out of the turns. Porter tried his hardest to force Cayer into a mistake and regain the lead but couldn’t seal the deal, even with a rough driving warning. The race was shortened to 30 laps due to the inclement weather in the vicinity.

At lap 30 it was Emerson Cayer in the front winning the most laps led award and Mainely Motorsports TV Hard Charger Award with Justin Trombley driving past Porter for the second spot, with Sinclair and Smith Sr. rounding out the top 5. The NEMST’s next stop is at Speedway 95 in Hermon, Maine on June 27th for a great night of racing.
1.   (10) 88           Emerson Cayer
2.   (7)    34           Justin Trombley
3.   (8)    92           Ricky Porter
4.   (1)    00           Shawn Sinclair
5.   (5)    41           Loren Smith
6.   (3)    42           Loren Smith Jr.
7.   (4)    43           Roger Ducharme
8.   (9)    99           Tucker Williams
9.   (6)    77           Maurice Martel
10.. (2)   07           Derrick Terrill
11. (12) 4              Opie Thayer
12. (11) 14           Nick Pilotte
DNS       9              Brad Dwinal