Unity, Maine – Rowland ‘JR’ Robinson, Jr. and Dylan Turner scored Late
Model feature race victories in doubleheader weekend action at Unity
Raceway over the weekend. Other victory lane celebrations were earned
by Steve Moulton, Kris Watson, Andy Turbovsky, Cory Walker, Carl
McAlpine, Kyle Gallant, Mike Wilson, Mike Mason, Shadow Folsom, Mika
Wilson, Shelby Kimball, Robert Paddack, Mike Moore and Bradley
Bosworth – twice.

Rowland ‘Rockin JR’ Robinson, of Steuben, prevailed in Friday’s
night’s main event for the Late Model division, and then survived a
bit of scrutiny in the tech shack after the race which confirmed his
impressive victory. David Folsom of Skowhegan chased Robinson to the
checkered flag, with point leader Frank Moulton of Burnham third.
Dylan Turner and Dave St. Clair rounded out the top five.

Dylan Turner, of Freedom, nailed down his first Late Model feature win
in wire-to-wire fashion on Saturday’s racing card. The teenaged,
third-generation racer was pressured throughout the race by Friday
night’s winner, Robinson, but the challenger slipped a bit trying to
find room in the low groove and gave up the runner-up position to
Moulton in the process. Turner won by a half-dozen car lengths over
Moulton, Robinson and Folsom, all racing in a tight pack for second

Steve Moulton of Burnham prevailed in Friday night’s Super Street
division main event. Kris Watson of Hermon, the division’s dominant
driver during the spring season at Unity, settled for runner-up
honors, with Liberty’s Josh St.Clair grabbing the third-place trophy
in victory lane. Steve Rackliff of Starks finished in fourth position,
followed by John Kalel II of Orrington.

Watson bounced back and drove to victory once again in Saturday’s
Super Street headlined. Donnie York of Thorndike battled back from a
practice crash and multiple pit stops during the feature to finish in
an impressive second-place at the finish. Kalel finished third, in
front of Rackliff and Corey Poulin of Augusta.

Cory Walker of New Vineyard could be called chief survivor as well as
the winner in Friday night’s Late Model Pro Four feature race, which
saw more cars leave the racing surface on the back of a wrecker then
under their own power. Steve Rackliff of Starks finished in second
position, with Ben Nile of New Vineyard third. Shane Smith and Jimmy
Dennis completed the top five. The division was then given Saturday
off, presumable for both repair and reflection purposes.

Andy Turbovsky came out on top in Friday night’s most thrilling race
for the lead, in the Wildcat feature. Turbovsky spent most of the race
with Dustin Hubbard of Unity challenging on the outside, and division
dominator Carl McAlpine of Burnham looking for a lane to get by both
frontrunners. Turbovsky claimed the checkered flag, with Hubbard and
McAlpine second and third in the order of finish. Windsor’s Tim Hudson
was fourth, with Ed Sleeper of Vassalboro completing the top-five.

McAlpine returned Saturday and returned to his dominant form in the
second Wildcat feature of the weekend. Friday night winner Turbovsky
was the best of the rest, with Hubbard claiming the third-place
hardware. Sleeper and Hudson finished fourth and fifth, respectively.

Kyle Gallant of Veazie scored in Friday night Monsta Mini division
feature competition. Mike Wilson and Skowhegan youngster Dylan
Lancaster were second and third, followed by Brad Norris and Tim

Chelsea’s Wilson, the defending champion of the division, cruised to
victory in Saturday’s Monsta Mini main event. Alicia Goodwin of
Clinton picked up her best-ever finish in the class, crossing the line
in second position. Friday night’s winner, Gallant, was credited with
a third-place run.

Mike Mason of Anson won a wild Friday night Flyin’ 4 division feature.
Chelsea’s Cody Sleeper was the second-place finisher, with Justin
Moore of Madison third. John Fortin and Markus Lowe ended up fourth
and fifth.

Skowhegan’s Shadow Folsom drove from the rear to the front of the pack
to earn the Flyin’ 4 feature victory on Saturday. Friday winner Mason
picked up a second-place finish, with Justin Moore of Madison third
after Zach Audet lost that spot in post-race inspection. That
disqualification moved Markus Lowe and Cody Sleeper into fourth and
fifth positions in the official finishing order.

Chelsea’s Mika Wilson outran the Ladies class in its Friday night
feature race. Her mom, Carol Wilson, claimed runner-up honors. Shelby
Kimball of Cornville was third, in front of Alicia Goodwin and Kayla

Saturday’s Ladies race featured a thrilling, lead-swapping, lane
changing battle between Friday night winner Mika Wilson and
Cornville’s Shelby Kimball. In the end Kimball prevailed, with Mika
Wilson second across the line. Alicia Goodwin beat out Carol Wilson
for the third-place trophy.

Robert Paddack claimed victory in Saturday night’s Enduro race. Henry
Boudreau of Winterport was second across the line, with George Fernald
III of Benton third. Darrin Dyer and James Corson rounded out the top

Mike Moore of Madison was Saturday’s Enduro race victor. Fernald III
claimed second in front of David Folsom, Kenny Lord and Friday
runner-up Boudreau.

Bradley Bosworth won twice on the weekend in Teen Thunder competition.
Bosworth was followed under the checkered flag by Brooke Getchell and
Westley Turner on Friday night.  Getchell and Kimball claimed the
second and third-place trophies behind Bosworth on Saturday.

In Fernald Frenzy action on Saturday Justin Moore of Madison claimed
three wins. Moore was triumphant in the Demo Derby, the Backward Race
and (with Brittany) the Jack & Jill race. In addition to his Enduro
race win, Mike Moore took top honors in the Ramp Race and the Longest
Jump competition. Alicia Goodwin and her co-pilot won the Hot Dog
Race, while George Fernald III won the bag race with guidance from
Shadow Folsom.

Unofficial results, Unity Raceway June 26 & 27

Late Model: 1 Dylan Turner, Freedom; 2. Frank Moulton, Burnham; 3.
Rowland Robinson, Jr., Steuben; 4. David Folsom, Skowhegan.

Super Street: 1. Kris Watson, Hermon; 2. Donnie York, Thorndike; 3.
John Kalel II, Orrington; 4. Steve Rackliff, Starks; 5. Corey Poulin,
Farmingdale; 6. Steve Moulton, Glenburn.

Wildcat: 1. Carl McAlpine, Burnham; 2. Andy Turbovsky, ; 3. Dustin
Hubbard, Unity; 4. Ed Sleeper, Vassalboro; 5. Tim Hudson, Windsor; 6.
Kris King, Burnham.

Monsta Mini: 1. Mike Wilson, Chelsea; 2. Alicia Goodwin, Clinton; 3.
Kyle Gallant, Veazie.

Flyin’ 4: 1. Shadow Folsom, Skowhegan; 2. Mike Mason, Anson; 3. Justin
Moore, Madison; 4. Markus Lowe, Jackson; 5. Cody Sleeper, Chelsea; 6.
Nicholas Lizotte, Sidney; 7. Jordan Hawes, Skowhegan. DQ: Zach Audet,
New Sharon.

Ladies: 1. Shelby Kimball, Cornville; 2. Mika Wilson, Chelsea; 3.
Alicia Goodwin, Clinton; 4. Carol Wilson, Chelsea.

Teen Thunder: 1. Bradley Bosworth; 2. Brooke Getchell, Pittsfield; 3.
Matt Kimball, Cornville; 4. Westley Turner, Montville.

Enduro: 1. Mike Moore, Madison; 2. George Fernald III, Benton; 3.
David Folsom, Skowhegan; 4. Kenny Lord; 5. Henry Boudreau, Winterport;
6. Alicia Goodwin, Clinton.

Backward Race: Justin Moore, Madison

Hot Dog Race: Alicia Goodwin, Clinton & co-driver.

Jack & Jill Race: Justin Moore, Madison & Brittany

Bag Race: George Fernald III, Benton & Shadow Folsom, Skowhegan

Ramp Race: Mike Moore, Madison

Longest Ramp Jump: Mike Moore, Madison (89 feet)

Demo Derby: Justin Moore, Madison

Friday night results:

Late Model: 1. Rowland Robinson, Jr., Steuben; 2. David Folsom,
Skowhegan; 3. Frank Moulton, Burnham; 4. Dylan Turner, Fredom; 5. Dave
St.Clair, Liberty.

Super Street: 1. Steve Moulton, Glenburn; 2. Kris Watson, Hermon;
3.Josh St.Clair, Liberty; 4. Steve Rackliff, Starks; 5. John Kalel II,
Orrington; 6. Hal Stratton, Belgrade; 7. Donnie York, Thorndike; 8.
(28) N/A

Late Model Pro Four: 1. Cory Walker, New Vineyard; 2. Steve Rackliff,
Starks; 3. Ben Nile, Anson; 4. Shane Smith, Augusta; 5. Jimmy Dennis,
Benton; 6. Bryan Lancaster, Skowhegan; 7. Gregg Cummings, China; 8.
Justin Drake, Burnham; 9. Ben Clark, Clinton.

Wildcat: 1. Andy Turbovsky, ; 2. Dustin Hubbard, Unity; 3. Carl
McAlpine, Burnham; 4. Tim Hudson, Windsor; 5. Ed Sleeper, Vassalboro;
6. Chet Hanscom, Benton; 7. Kris King, Burnham; 8. Brent Chase,
Burnham; 9. Richard Jackson, Hudson.

Monsta Mini: 1. Kyle Gallant, Veazie; 2. Mike Wilson, Chelsea; 3.
Dylan Lancaster, Skowhegan; 4. Brad Norris, ; 5. Tim Robinson,
Clinton; 6. Paul Jackson, Augusta; 7. Alicia Goodwin, Clinton.

Flyin’ 4: 1. Mike Mason, Anson; 2. Cody Sleeper, Chelsea; 3. Justin
Moore, Madison; 4. John Fortin, Vassalboro; 5. Markus Lowe, Jackson;
6. Jordan Hawes, Skowhegan; 7. Merv Greene, Clinton; 8. Chad Elkins, ;
9. Lance Chapman, Benton; 10. Justin Moore, Madison; 11. Dominic
Bailey, Benton; 12. Rick Pullen, Winslow; 13. James Gallant, Veazie;
14. Nicholas Lizotte, Sidney; 15. Chris Williams, Oakland.

Teen Thunder: 1. Brad Bosworth, ; 2. Brooke Getchell, Pittsfield; 3.
Westley Turner, Montville; 4. Matt Kimball, Cornville; 5. Robert Dyer,

Ladies: 1. 11 Mika Wilson, Chelsea; 2. Carol Wilson, Chelsea; 3.
Shelby Kimball, Cornville; 4. Alicia Goodwin, Clinton, 5. Kayla Allen,

Enduro: 1. Robert Paddack, Clinton; 2. Henry Boudreau, Winterport; 3.
George Fernald III, Benton;, 4. Darrin Dyer, Canaan; 5. James Corson,