The NEMST rolled into Maine’s center of speed Wiscasset Raceway in Wiscasset, Maine Saturday night with the largest field of the season. 26 cars signed up to run with the NEMST for the first race of the TRi-SPORTS Triple Crown Series.  For the first time 3 heat races were required to run all of the cars that showed up.

               In the heat races it was Ricky Porter, Loren Smith, and Justin Trombley taking the checkered flags. Pre race festivities included parade laps with 2 Polaris Ranger ATV’s provided by TRi-SPORTS for the feature event.
                Local youngster and favorite Tasha Dyer sat on the pole and broke out to the early 2 car length lead over Cameron Creamer. Dyer held onto the lead through a lap 10 restart and showed some strength in her bright orange Cavalier. At lap 21 current tour points leader Emerson Cayer took the lead after a strong run through the large pack from his last place starting spot.  Cayer was having some handling issues and lost the lead to Justin Trombley on lap 38. A wreck at lap 40 claimed numerous machines as the sixth through tenth place cars spun in turns 3 and 4. At lap 50 Trombley crossed the stripe first with Cayer and Porter taking the final podium positions. Most Laps Lead Award Winner Tasha Dyer crossed in fourth and Reggie Bickford in fifth.
                Trombley was penalized in post race technical inspection, therefore making Cayer a 3 time winner in the series. The tech rumblings also moved 15 year old Dyer into a trophy spot and Loren Smith into is third top 5 finish in as many races.
Wiscasset NEMST 50 Presented by TRi-SPORTS Finishing Order
Unofficial  Pending Tech
1.   88     Emerson Cayer
2.   92     Ricky Porter
3.   32     Tasha Dyer
4.   10     Reggie Bickford
5.   41     Loren Smith
6.   07     Derrick Terrill
7.    1      Dylan Lancaster
8.   12     Thomas True
9.    9      Brad Dwinal
10. 16    Kevin Douglass
11. 95    Bruce Knowles
12. 13    Alex Cromwell
13. 09    Ryan Ripley
14. 77    Maurice Martel Sr.
15. 62    Cameron Creamer
16. 28x  Shawn Kimball
17. 20    Pete McCollett
18. 92x  Mike Wilson
19. 59    Billy Osborne
20. 34    Justin Trombley*** tba
DNS 7    Jeff Minchin Sr.
DNS 99  Wayne Ripley
DNS 2    Greg Cummings
DNS 43  Roger Ducharme
DNS 28 Jason Dorr
DNS 56  Paul Jackson