Unity, Maine – Joey Doyon of Winterport won in his first appearance in
the top weekly class at Unity Raceway Friday night, while top support
division wins went to Steve Moulton of Glenburn in the Super Street
division, and Shelby Kimball of Cornville in a special 25-lapper for
the Ladies class as the Raceway celebrated Independence Day a bit late
due to wet conditions on the Holiday’s Eve.

A healthy sum was also raised for the night’s honorary chief starter
for the Late Model race, Eddie Gilblair, who will be meeting NASCAR
Superstar Jeff Gordon later this month at Indianapolis Motor Speedway
during Brickyard 400 weekend, thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation..
The youngster waved the green flag with flair while sporting a
neat-looking Gordon tie-die shirt.

Late Model winner Doyon scored a feature race win in his first
appearance this season at Unity Raceway. Doyon inherited the lead in
the main event when Mike Hopkins and Glenn Curtis got together while
racing for the lead following a restart with eleven laps remaining in
the night’s headline event. Doyon just managed to hang on to the lead
on the final lap, edging a fast-closing Hopkins, of Levant, by inches
under the checkered flag. Rookie Dylan Turner of Freedom picked up the
third-place trophy, with David Folsom of Skowhegan and Curtis, of
Hudson, rounding out the top five. Hopkins won the Late Model heat

In a wild, crash-filled Super Street division 25-lapper, Moulton ended
up in victory lane. Moulton led much of the caution-filled race,
surviving several restarts and many bids by point leader Kris Watson
of Hermon to take the frontrunning position away. Watson claimed
runner-up honors, with Chelsea’s Dan Trask coming back from a hard
crash early in the event to finish in an impressive third position at
the finish line. Shawn Austin of Norridgewock finished fourth in his
first Unity Rcaeway appearance of the year, with John Kalel II of
Orrington finishing fifth. Jeremy Glasier of Appleton, who led the
early laps in the main event, won the Super Street heat race.

Shelby Kimball got by early leader Carol Wilson of Chelsea and drove
to victory in the special Ladies division 25-lapper. Mika Wilson of
Chelsea finished second, with Alicia Goodwin of Clinton third. Sandy
Greene of Clinton and Kayla Allen of Bucksport rounded out the top
five. Carol Wilson won the heat race.

Steve Rackliff of Starks won the Late Model Pro Four feature event
following a racelong battle with the race’s early pacesetter, Bryan
Lancaster of Cornville. The top two finishers were the class of the
field on this night, easily outdistancing third-place finisher Jimmy
Dennis of Benton. Ben Clark of Clinton crossed the finish line in
fourth position. Anson’s Ben Nile, who earlier in the night claimed
his first heat race finish in the class, was the fifth-place finisher.

Andy Turbovsky won a thriller in the Wildcat division’s 20-lap feature
race. Turbovsky got to the front early in the race after a great
battle with Unity’s Dustin Hubbard and then survived a restart with
three laps to go against reigning, multi-time Wildcat champion Carl
McAlpine of Burnham. McAlpine’s car quit in the final turn on the
final lap, allowing Chris King to move into second spot in a sideways,
slam-bang finish next to third-place finisher Shawn Racila of
Dover-Foxcroft. McAlpine coasted across the finish line in fourth
position, with Mike Shaw of Troy fifth. Hubbard, while running third,
detonated an engine to set up the three-lap shootout to the checkered
flag. Ed Sleeper also got caught up in that wreck, depriving him of a
likely podium finishing position.. McAlpine won the Wildcat heat race.

Max Zachem of Preston, Connecticut drove from the back of the pack to
victory lane in the NELCAR Legends 20-lap feature event. Second-place
finisher Bobby Weymouth of Topsham led several laps before Zachem went
by. Third-generation racer Bobby Timmons of Windham finished in third
position, followed by Evan Beaulieu of Durham and Tyler Jordan of
Scarborough. Timmons won the heat race.

Defending Monsta Mini champion Mike Wilson of Chelsea got to the lead
quickly and dominated the feature event to extend his point lead in
that class. Bangor’s David Green made a spirited last-lap charge pay
off with a runner-up finish, just beating out Brent Fletcher of Old
Town under the checkered flag. Both Green and Fletcher were making
their first start of the season at Unity. Ralph Allen of Hermon
finished in fourth position, followed by Markus Lowe of Brooks. Brad
Norris of Ellsworth was denied a top-five finish by a last-lap
retaliatory move by a disgruntled, fellow competitor. Green and Wilson
won the Monsta Mini heat races.

Cody Sleeper of Chelsea got to the front of the field early on and
drove to a convincing victory in the Flyin’ 4 division’s 20-lap main
event. Skowhegan’s Mike Mason charged from the back of the pack
following an early-race spin to finish second, taking that spot away
from Unity’s Jeremy Ludden in the closing stages of the race. Ludden
claimed the final trophy, with Tim Robinson of Clinton and Markus Lowe
of Brooks completing the top five rundown. Flyin’ 4 heat race
victories were  earned by Sleeper and Mason.

Lucas Porter of Norridgewock drove to victory lane following the
15-lap Teen Thunder division feature race. Porter took command just
past the halfway point, outgunning Brooke Getchell of Pittsfield on a
restart after Getchell had led the first half of the race. Getchell
held on for a fine second-place finish, with Gage Landry of Sdiney
grabbing the final trophy position. Wesley Turner of Montville and
Cole Robinson of Clinton rounded out the top five. Bradley Bosworth
won the Teen Thunder heat race.

Mickey Landry of Anson won his fourth Enduro race of the season to
wrap up the racing program. Landry lapped all of his rivals except for
the second and third-place finishers in a dominant performance. Robert
Paddack of Clinton and Alex Fernald of Benton were second and third in
the finishing order, followed by Henry Boudreau of Bristol and Robert

Unity Raceway is back in action Friday night beginning at 6:30 p.m.
Monsta Mini competitors will race 50 laps in a qualifier for the
Four-Cylinder Nationals next month at Scarborough’s Beech Ridge Motor
Speedway, with all other weekly racing divisions in competition.
Coming up on Friday, July 24 is NWA On Fire Wrestling &Racing, with
feature races in all weekly classes plus wrestling, which will be
recoreded for a future national telecast. For more information call
(207) 453-2021 or visit unityraceway.info

Late Model: 1. Joey Doyon, Winterport; 2. Mike Hopkins, Levant; 3.
Dylan Turner, Freedom; 4. David Folsom, Skowhegan; 5. Glenn Curtis,
Hudson; 6. Frank Moulton, Burnham; 7. Joe Allard, Glenburn.

Super Street: 1. Steve Moulton, Glenburn; 2. Kris Watson, Hermon; 3.
Dan Trask, Chelsea; 4. Shawn Austin, Norridgewock; 5. John Kalel II,
Orrington; 6. Steve Rackliff, Starks; 7. Cory Poulin, Augusta; 8. Hal
Stratton, Belgrade; 9. Jeremy Glasier, Appleton; 10. Donnie York,
Thorndike; 11. Jason Gaboury, Augusta.

Late Model Pro Four: Steve Rackliff, Starks; 2. Bryan Lancaster,
Cornville; 3. Jimmy Dennis, Benton; 4. Ben Clark, Clinton; 5. Ben
Nile, Anson; 6. Shane Smith, Augusta; 7. Corey Walker, New Vineyard.

Wildcat: 1. Andy Turbovsky, Winslow; 2. Chris King, Burnham; 3. Shawn
Racila, Dover-Foxcroft; 4. Carl McAlpine, Burnham; 5. Mike Shaw, Troy;
6. Dustin Hubbard, Unity; 7. Ed Sleeper, Vassalboro; 8. Chet Hanscom,
Benton; 9. Ricky Palmer, Winterport; 10. Tim Hopkins, Camden.

Monsta Mini: 1. Mike Wilson, Chelsea; 2. David Green, Bangor; 3. Brent
Fletcher, Old Town; 4. Ralph Allen, Hermon; 5. Markus Lowe, Brooks; 6.
Brad Norris, Ellsworth; 7. Derick Terrill, Plymouth; 8. Scott
Theriault, South China; 9. Alicia Goodwin, Clinton; 10. Bob Grady,
Pittston; 11. Gary Richards, Stetson.

Flyin’ 4: 1. Cody Sleeper, Chelsea; 2. Mike Mason, Skowhegan; 3.
Jeremy Ludden, Unity; 4. Tim Robinson, Clinton; 5. Markus Lowe,
Brooks; 6. Merv Greene, Clinton; 7. Jordan Hawes, Skowhegan; 8. Chris
Williams, Oakland; 9. Tony DeJuio, Ellsworth; 10. Nick Lizotte,
Sidney; 11. Chad Badger, Milo; 12. Dominic Bailey, Sidney.

Ladies: 1. Shelby Kimball, Cornville; 2. Mika Wilson, Chelsea; 3.
Alicia Goodwin, Clinton; 4. Becky Elston, Carmel; 5. Kayla Allen,
Bucksport; 6.  Sandy Green, Clinton; 7. Carol Wilson, Chelsea.

Teen Thunder: 1. Lucas Porter, Norridgewock; 2. Brooke Getchell,
Pittsfield; 3. Gage Landry, Sidney, 4. Wesley Turner, Montville; 5.
Cole Robinson, Clinton; 6. Bradley Bosworth; 7. Matt Kimball,

Enduro: 1. Mickey Landry, Anson; 2. Robert Paddack, Clinton; 3. Alex
Fernald, Benton; 4. Henry Boudreau, Bristol; 5. Robery Dyar; 6. James
Corson, Benton; 7. James Sunn III, Clinton; 8. George Fernald III,

NELCAR Legends: 1. Max Zachem, Preston, Connecticut; 2. Bobby
Weymouth, Topsham; 3. Bobby Timmons, Windham; 4. Evan Beaulieu,
Durham; 5. Tyler Jordan, Scarborough; 6. Terry ‘TW’ Kirk, Durham; 7.
Alan Smith, Lincoln; 8. Forest Boucher, Buxton; 9. Ed Getty, Gray; 10.
Kendall Curit, Windham.