By Bill DaButler

(Hermon, Me) The weather was perfect for a night of racing at Saturday Night, July 25 at Speedway 95, Maine’s family fun track, presented by Budweiser the king beers! It was a evening, packed with racing, including a visit from the Wicked Good Vintage Race Cars, and bicycle races between Speedway 95 kids club members, and drivers.


            The Dysart’s Late Models held a 50-lap series race, with Town Hill’s John Phippen, Jr. taking home the first place trophy. It looked at first that outside pole sitter Greg Morse of St. Albans might earn the top spot until he got tangled up in the restart with Winterport’s Joey Doyon. The caution flag flew 3 times, and the red flag came out too, when Scott Modery of Hermon blew his second tire of the race out in turn four hitting hard against the tire barriers. The final caution came at on the restart of lap 33, when Morse and Doyon got tangled up. “I really though that was ‘young’ Morse’s race” said Phippen in victory lane. Josh St. Clair of Liberty took second, and Daune Seekins of Stockton Springs finished third.


            Steve Moulton of Glenburn dominated both the heat and features in the Super Street division. For the most part, the Supers went caution free, however, at the white flag Kris Huff of Orrington put the third place car of Hermon’s Kris Watson into the tire pile outside turn two, earning a black flag for Huff. Ed Drake of Vassalboro crossed the line for second, with Lindsey Young of Stockton Springs ending her evening in the third spot.


            In the Strictly Streets, Jim Carr, Jr. of Clifton improved on his third place finish in the heat race to take the win in the feature. Brad Norris of Ellsworth worked hard to catch up to Carr, closing the gap in the final laps, but was unable to complete the pass. “I don’t think I could have caught him, I think we could have got along side him for a few laps before my tires heated up, but I was giving it all I got.“ Kris Huff of Orrington in his second feature race at Speedway 95 finished third.


            In Allen Farm Fence Company Sport-Four action, Rick Grant of LaGrange took the lead with to laps to go and held on to win. Kyle Gallant of Veazie had dominated the race, but started loosing his right rear tire in the final laps. Despite the tire issue, Gallant held it together to earn the second place honors, and David Green of Bangor finished third.



            There were also wo features for the Wicked Good Vintage Race Cars, with the first race caution free. There were a few moments in the first feature where the yellow flag might have been thrown if not for the drivers quick reactions that kept the race green. Smokin’ Joe Legere picked up the win in the first feature, Rick Burgess, Sr. took second, and Rosey Gerry took third. In the second feature, Keith Fuller earned the top spot, with Robert Hills second, and Dick McPhail third.





FINISH            CAR#    DRIVER                    TOWN

1.                     59            John Phippen, Jr.            Town Hill

2.                     33            Josh St. Clair                       Liberty

3.                     19            Duane Seekins                        Stockton Springs

4.                     38            Joey Doyon                         Winterport

5.                     15            Mike Hopkins                      Hermon                     





FINISH            CAR#    DRIVER                    TOWN

1.                     80            Steve Moulton                      Holden

2.                     09            Ed Drake              Vassalboro

3.                     4            Lindsey Young            Stockton Springs

4.                     16            Nick Kinney             Danforth

5.                     28            Al Libby               Brooks




FINISH            CAR#    DRIVER                    TOWN

1.                     3            Jim Carr, Jr.                       Clifton

2.                     8            Brad Norris              Ellsworth

3.                     22            Nick Huff                Orrington

4.                     55            Shawn Hamel, II            Bangor

5.                     9            Travis Poulin             Holden




FINISH            CAR#    DRIVER                    TOWN

1.                     41            Rick Grant               LaGrange

2.                     9            Kyle Gallant             Veasie

3.                     16            David Green              Bangor

4.                     07            Derrick Terrill              Plymouth

5.                     50            Ralph Allen                Hermon




FINISH            CAR#    DRIVER                    TOWN

1.                     86            Joe Legere             Milbridge       

2.                     34            Rick Burgess, Sr.            Waterville

3.                     151            Rosey Gerry               Lincolnville

4.                     61            Dick McPhail                       Fairfield

5.                     8            Norris Willette            Winslow



FINISH            CAR#    DRIVER                    TOWN

1.                     2            Keith Fuller               Morrill

2.                     x88            Robert Hills                Searsmont

3.                     61            Dick McPhail                       Fairfield

4.                     13            Ralph Hall                 Belfast

5.                     8            Mike Beland             Milo


            Speedway 95 returns to action Wednesday July 29th for Varney GMC Wacky Wednesday, plus Children’s Box Car Races beginning at 6pm! Then on Saturday August 1st, with racing in four divisions, including the CAM II racing Fuels 50-lap Super Street Series.