The 2009 North East Mini Stock Tour is headed to Unity Raceway to make-up the May 29th rainout. This Friday night will be the second race in the NEMST TRi-SPORTS Triple Crown which was started 2 weeks ago in Wiscasset. Coming off of a great car count at Wiscasset and heading into the biggest race of the year just 1 week away in Beech Ridge.  Unity will be the final test for a lot of the local mini stock racers.

The home track cars have had a distinct advantage over tour cars this year, while not posting a win there have been many locals in the top five all year. Most recently it was Wiscasset regular Tasha Dyer taking third in the NEMST race, can she repeat in Unity? Or will it be the dominant Mike Wilson finally taking a win from the tour regulars?


Point Leader Emerson Cayer is on a great run and hopes he can hold on for the final two races.  Ricky Porter is making a strong run up the standings after a rule infraction in Canaan.  While many of the spots in the top 10 are still up for grabs, the Triple Crown is wide open as well.