Golden State Racing and their Diversity Driver, Katie Hagar went back to racing at the Stockton 99 Speedway on September 12th after having a three week break.

While Katie and the crew had time off, Katie was able to visit her local town of Damariscotta, Maine to see Family.

 “It felt so good to be home!. When you wait anxiously for six months, you appreciate your family more in many different ways. I remember a time when I was In High School and I couldn’t wait to leave Maine…now, I couldn’t wait to go back, especially to see my Mom” Katie stated after just arriving back to the West Coast.

“It’s time to get back on track; it’s like the beginning of the season to me. Take these last few races in preparation for the Combine…” Hagar commented.

The #14 machine hit the track Saturday afternoon at the New 99 Speedway along with twenty one other competitors. Hagar struggled in the second practice after missing the first practice due to a dead battery. Fighting a tight car all day and through qualifying, Hagar started the first 50 lap Main Event last. Thirty laps into the event, Katie was in eleventh position when the two cars wrecked in front of her, exiting turns one and two. The #14 team had to call it an early night for the first Main Event in preparation to make it for the second Main Event.

In the second 50 lap Main Event Katie started last, driving her way up the ladder finishing a solid 7th place finish. “I was starting to get impatient with all the yellow flags, once I took a deep breath knowing that I was back racing and in the seat…I said this is what I live for, even through the struggles. My team and I today had fun and learned some new things about this other car. In some ways it was disappointing that I couldn’t of given my crew chief a win, since this was his last week with me.”

Katie will return back to Stockton 99 Speedway on September 26th with twin 50’s

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