1.      1968-Present American or Foreign produced passenger cars, 2 or 4 door models allowed. Any other models must be approved by tech

2.      Weight must be 2150 minimum, 1lb per cc, I.e. 2400 cc must be 2400lbs

3.      Weight will be measured on actual engine displacement not Manufacturer engine size

4.      55% maximum left side weight

5.      All weight rules are general specification. Weights and percentages will be adjusted on a per race basis to even out lap times of the entire field


1.      Stock Firewall and Floor Pan must be intact, floor pan must included entire floor all the way to the backseat area, drivers seat area can be cut out for seat clearance

2.      Any body from any manufacturer can be used. Body must be STEEL. Bodies can be steel aftermarket

3.      Hoods stock or aftermarket steel or fiberglass, NO ALUMINUM

4.      Aftermarket Noses and tails are allowed

5.      Spoiler allowed, 58” wide by 5” high maximum

6.      Lexan Windows must be used, rear and rear side windows allowed, no passenger door windows

7.      Rub rails allowed, must not extend beyond tires

8.      All bodies must be neat appearing, tech will have final judgment

9.      All body panels and edges must be smooth to prevent tire cuts

10.  All panels must meet 5” minimum height



1.      Chassis may be tubed in front of front strut towers

2.      Chassis may be tubed behind rear strut or shock towers

3.      Tube allowed to connect front and rear sub frames, must be alike on both sides

4.      Main cage must be 1 1/2” .095 wall pipe minimum

5.      Strut and shock towers must remain in factory locations, no movement of factory suspension and chassis mounting points is permitted in any way.

6.      Piping is allowed through firewalls,

7.      Frame Tubing must be Minimum 2”x2”

8.      No modification of stock sub frames allowed, I.e. cannot be cut open and tube inside

9.      No full tube chassis cars permitted, must have stock unibody parts front and rear




1.      OEM or stock replacement shocks and struts only, Must be OEM stock replacement, No Adjustables, Bilsteins allowed

2.      Only 1 shock or stabilizer will be allowed per wheel, 4 total per car

3.      Maximum tread width 72 inches measured from bead to bead

4.      Any size sway bars can be used, front or rear

5.      All suspension parts (a-frames, spindles, hubs, etc) must be unaltered OEM for make model and year

6.      Racing springs allowed minimum diameter 4”


8.      Weight Jacks and Adjustable spring cups are allowed,

9.      Division Specified tires must be used**

10.  No tire softener will be allowed

11.  7 or 8 inch wide wheels may be used any backspacing may be used

12.  Four wheel brakes must work

13.  5 inch ground clearance measured at frame



1.      Block must be stock for make

2.      2500cc Maximum displacement

3.      .040 Maximum overbore

4.      Stock flywheel for make and model must be used, factory stampings and part numbers must be unaltered and legible, no modification to the back side (disc surface) of the flywheel in anyway.

5.      Clutch must be functional, single disc only, NO puck or button style clutches, Must have stock finger type pressure plate

6.      No porting or polishing of heads

7.      Valves must be stock size and weight

8.      Head must be completely stock, NO SVO or TRD heads

9.      Heads are allowed to be shaved

10.  Crankshaft must be stock, no knife edging

11.  Pistons and Rods must be stock appearing. Flat tops may be used

12.  Stock Type ignition only, no magneto

13.  Starter must work

14.  Carburetor must be stock out of the box, 350CFM MAX any brand may be used

15.  Fuel Injection is allowed, must be completely stock including intake manifold, throttle body, injectors and computer. Factory Data Link must be operational for scan tool

16.  Camshafts, max lift .470 at the valve, must be flat tappet, roller style valvetrain only allowed on vehicles that came stock with it

17.  Max Compression ratio 12:1

18.  Radiator may be aluminum, Must be mounted in front of engine

19.  Headers will be allowed, headers must exit under chassis and not bisect firewall

20.  2.5” maximum exhaust diameter

21.  16 Valve engines will be penalized 50 lbs and -.5% left side weight

22.  16 Valve engines must be stock for make model and year


1.      Transmission must be stock for make and model

2.      Driveshaft must be steel, painted white

3.      Must have a minimum of 2 driveshaft loops for safety

4.      Final Drive may be open or locked, factory clutch type lockers allowed or welding, no truetrac or spool of any kind

5.      Locked Rear ends will accept a 50lb Weight Penalty

6.      All Transmission Gears must be in working order



1.      Racing Seat must be installed, minimum of 4 3/8” bolts

2.      Full 1 or 2 piece single layer minimum driving suit is required

3.      All Lead must be painted white, with car number, bolted by at least 2 3/8” bolts

4.      Aftermarket steering shaft allowed

5.      Must have quick release steering wheel

6.      Five Point racing harness required, date must be within 3 years

7.      Window net required may be ribbon or mesh

8.      In car radios allowed, tech must have frequency

9.      Battery must be located forward of fuel cell

10.  Fuel cell required max 12 gallon

11.  Electric fuel pump must have switch clearly marked

12.  Electrical on off switch must be located within reach from outside of car

13.  Fuel Cell area must be separate from driving compartment

14.  Cars running fuel injection will need an oil pressure shut off switch

15.  NEMST highly reccomends the use of a containment seat system or headrests on both sides

16.  NEMST highly recommends the use of a head movement device, HANS, Hutchins, ETC.



All of the rules above are to create equal competition among competitors these rules can be changed at anytime competitors will be notified upon rule changes. NEMST has the right to revise or add to these whenever it is deemed necessary. Any cars found to be illegal according to NEMST rules will be assessed a penalty involving event and or series point and purse removal.


Any further questions can be forwarded to :

Bob Guptill

3 Harmony Lane #5

Lewiston, ME 04240





            Hoosier 790 23/7/13 and 23/7/14 are the specified tour tires and will be for sale at the events for $80. American Racer 215/60/13 and unaltered dot street tires may be used.

Only one new tire per event may be run.