Wiscasset Raceway re-introduces ENDURO racing for 2010   

Your browser may not support display of this image. (Wiscasset, ME) The Center of Speed, Wiscasset Raceway, is going back to the grass roots of racing for the 2010 season. After announcing all Sunday Twilight Racing, Wiscasset Raceway is proud to present another innovation for 2010. A brand new weekly program for real street cars, preparing them for racing competition Enduro style. Enduro racing is an entry class series whose rules are designed to keep costs down. Enduro cars really are "stock." Most start out as wrecks, which are bought from auctions or junkyards. Enduro cars are much more affordable to maintain as well. For many Enduro racers, the off season means they simply throw a tarp on the car in the fall, and take it off in the spring. These cars are tough.Speed is not necessarily what will make you win,” says one long time Enduro racer, "it's more like longevity. You can't win if you don't finish.”

      Anyone can prepare a street car for competition and bring it to The Center of Speed, Wiscasset Raceway, and compete in 2010. “We will have a v8/v6 Division, The Knox Bros. Auto Parts 4cylinder Division, a Mini Van Division, and a Powder Puff Division for ladies only,” says Doug White, owner of Wiscasset Raceway. “There will be one Division running each week with a Fall Brawl at the end of the season as our grand finale. These Divisions bring back an affordable way for everyone to have a chance to compete.” For more information about Enduro racing in 2010 check the Wiscasset Raceway website at www.wiscassetraceway.info . Steve Smith, sales and marketing manager for Wiscasset Raceway looks ahead to the 2010 season, “We're looking for ways to make Maine racing more affordable and more exciting for race teams and race fans. We've lowered the price of our pit passes and have been working with a number of sponsors on ticket promotions.” Wiscasset Raceway is looking forward to seeing both new and veteran drivers competing in their 2010 Enduro Divisions. As Doug White is known to say, “BE THERE!”