article / photos by Chris Roy

Though “Mad Max” Zachem hasn’t raced at Thunder Road, that may change in the upcoming 2010 race season depending on which road Max decides to follow.


Max had 8 season wins in the NELCAR Legend Series, including the season finale race at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway that clinched the 2009 NELCAR Championship. Though Max isn’t sure where he will be competing in 2010, his future looks promising with opportunities with either ACT, True Value Modifieds, or even Camping World East. Not long ago Max did a test session with the # 88 ME ACT Late Model at Oxford Plains Speedway. 

When asked about it, he had this to say, “We ran over 300 laps with simulated pit stops, race scenarios, as well as TV interviews. The test session was a success because my lap times could have competed in the top 5 in the TD Banknorth 250 on old tires.” Max has been talking to the GO Green Racing Team along with President Archie St. Hilaire. “We are discussing the opportunity to race the full ACT schedule, as well as the Oxford 250”.  

The Go Green Team also has a Camping World East car which had a successful 2009 season with Alan Tardiff behind the wheel, who finished in the top 10.  Another opportunity that may be available is in the True Value Modified Series. Max said, “I tested a SK modified at the Waterford Speedbowl this summer and I love the open wheel modifieds.” He has grown up around them, working at Art Barry’s race shop building the # 21 and learning all he can from the man he calls “The Professor”.   

According to Max, “he teaches me how to fabricate and all the little tricks of building a fast modified. I'm in talks with different teams about running the True Value 18 race season. The key, like with any division; is sponsorship.” During the off season Max plans to concentrate on finding sponsorship. 

However, as this is his last year of high school, the key will be to prioritize that along with school.  “I'm applying to many schools in North Carolina and Connecticut, but my main concentration is the University of North Carolina in Charlotte. I will also be rebuilding my Legend Cars and working at Art Barry's doing many fabrication works and other jobs”.