2010 Car and Driver Registration

There will be a yearly NEMST registration fee of $40. The registration will include a NEMST t-shirt or hat of your choice in size. It will also reserve your number for the 2010 season. Registration will have to be paid to receive the following, race entry discounts, bonus points, bonus awards of any kind (hard charger, most laps lead, etc.). With the NEMST registration each car will also receive 50 Championship Points



Registration $40

includes, Driver and 2 Crew Member licenses

t-shirt or hat, 50 Championship Points, Bonus award eligibility

2010 Individual Race Registration

There Will be an event registration required to compete at each race. With a pre entry each car will receive 10 championship points. Pre entries need to be received 1 week in advance. Only registered NEMST cars will receive the bonus points and pre entry discounts

NEMST registered pre entry $10 Includes 10 championship points

NEMST registered late entry $15

Unregistered pre entry $15

Unregistered late entry $20

If there is a rainout the registrations that have been received will be moved to the makeup date, if no makeup is scheduled fee will be moved to another race at the teams discretion

Full season entry: includes car registration as well as race registration for all 2010 NEMST events and 1 ticket to end of season banquet as well as all other registration advantages and bonuses

Full Season Registration $100, if paid by 3/1/2010

$120, if paid by 4/1/2010