CHARLOTTE, NC (February 18) – The Pro All Stars Series (PASS) is pleased to announce that “Live To PASS” will be returning to the airwaves for its third season in 2010. “Live To PASS” can be heard every Monday night at 7 PM EST at its new home on PASS South announcer Alan Dietz and Victory Lane Productions’ Doc Love will provide race fans with news and reviews from every PASS division and will have interviews with drivers and personalities from across the country.



“Live To PASS” will be presented live on location throughout the racing season from Victory Lane Indoor Karting Center in Charlotte, NC. Guests for the season’s first show will include Florida Winterfest winner Brad Leighton, 2003 Big Dawg Challenge winner of $100,000 Sam Sessions, and PASS President Tom Mayberry. will also be the exclusive home of live race broadcasts for PASS throughout the racing season.

“We are really excited that ‘Live to PASS’ will be back on the air for its third season and we’re glad that the show will be continuing on,” said PASS President Tom Mayberry. “The show has really garnered a great fan following over the last couple of years. ‘Live To PASS’ is a fantastic way for our loyal fans to hear from their favorite drivers and to learn more about what’s going on in PASS as a whole. ”“Live To PASS”, along with a growing list of other programming, has made the place to be for race fans looking to hear live race broadcasts and shows about their favorite short track series.

The Pro All Stars Series is a Maine based Super Late Model series divided into two divisions, PASS North and PASS South. The PASS North Super Late Models compete on short tracks in New England and Canada, while the PASS South Super Late Models compete on short tracks in the southeastern United States.

Pit is on the forefront of Internet racing radio with shows such as “Live To PASS”, “Kickin’ Asphalt”, and “Life In The FASTRAK.” Additionally, will have live coverage of the Polar Bear 150, Easter Bunny 150, and a variety of dirt and asphalt events from across the country.