Wiscasset Raceway Official Results 5-23-10

Wiscasset Raceway official Opening Day Results

TOP 5 finishers for each division- Sunday May 23rd, 2010

Steel’s Real Rods & Cutoms Late Model Sportsmen

38 Joey Doyon

28 Rowland Robbinson Jr.

15 Nick Hinkley

13 Casey Nash

6 Danny Smart

U.S. Cellular Super Street

1 Adam Chadbourne

4 Allan Moeller Jr.

09 Ryan Ripley

28 Kevin Oliver

New England Transmission Strictly Street

83 Mike St.Germain

18 Ian Bresnahan

00 Alex Waltz

27 Nate Yeaton

92 Stephen Howard

Wiscasset Outlaws

5 Davis Childs

26 Corey Morgan

3 Mike Short

07 Chris Burgess

36 Mike Bradstreet Jr.

Twisted Tea Mini-Stocks

12 Thomas True

2 Bob Greenleaf

18 Chelsea Young

39 Brenton Leeman

04 Nate Tibbet

Ray Haskell Ford V6 Enduro

138 John Byrd

45 Arthur Kee

14 Justin White

32 Kevin Morse

3 Josh Austin

Wiswell Electric of Clinton Me. N.E.S.T (NORTH EAST SPORT TRUCK SERIES)

66 Opie Allard

1 Tony Field

96 Chad Binette

3 Dwayne Booth

26 Gerald Hiscock

Vintage Late Models

151 Rosey Garry

22 Hal Clark

155 Wally Henderson

420 Keith Smalley

8x Michael Willette

Vintage Outlaws

3 Paul Pierce

13 Tim Reynolds

27 Duane Dunifer Sr.

15x Bob Oliver

The Aable Auto Parts Green Flag flies Sunday, May 30th at 2pm for racing in our 5 regular divisions, the debut of the Knox Brothers Carquest 4cyl Enduros and The Street Stock challenge, American Racer vs. Goodyear! BE THERE!