Unity, Maine – David Folsom I of Skowhegan broke a victory lane dry spell in come-from-behind style Saturday night in the headline 35-lap Late Model feature race at Unity Raceway.


While Folsom ran with the leaders throughout the event he at one point yielded the pacesetting position to reigning track champion Frank Moulton of Burnham. But Folsom was up to the task and the veteran competitor who first raced at Unity some three decades ago outgunned the young reigning king and drove to victory lane for well-deserved accolades.


Moulton held on to earn runner-up honors in front of Mike Hodgkins of Jefferson, a multi-time former track champion making his first appearance in four years. Hodgkins charged back from the rear of the pack after an early caution waved when the returning kingpin was spun from behind. Ed “Fubby’ Drake probably passed more cars than any of his rivals in a fourth-place run. Markus Lowe of Jackson rounded out the top five. Seventh-place finisher Jeff Burgess of Fairfield was also a notable contender and early frontrunner.


Visiting NELCAR Legends Cars chased third-generation oval track competitor Bobby Timmons of Windham under the checkered flag. Kevin ‘K-Man’ Hutchens of East Waterboro led the first half of the 20-lapper before Timmons was able to work his way from the eighth starting spot into the lead. Hutchens turned back an extended challenge by Durham’s Evan Beaulieu to claim runner-up honors. Beaulieu got the third-place trophy, with Topsham’s Bobby Weymouth and Alan Smith of Lincoln rounding out the top five.


Nate Weston continued his early-season domination of the Racin’ Paper Super Street division, staying up front throughout the 20-lap main event. Norridgewock’s Shawn Austin spent several laps racing on the outside of Weston, even inching ahead at times, but a late spin that didn’t produce a caution flag cost the challenger any shot at a trophy. Nick Huff of Orrington claimed runner-up honors, with Winslow’s Mike Fortier claiming a career-best third-place finish in the race. Austin rebounded for fourth, in front of Donnie York, who ran better than his fifth-place finish would indicate.


Corey Walker of Augusta romped to a wire-to-wire victory in the 20-lap Uncle Henry’s Late Model Pro Four feature. Former division champion Steve Rackliff of Starks was the best of the rest, chasing Walker throughout the main event for the class. Cary Davis of Solon worked traffic well and claimed third-place hardware in front of Skowhegan’s Bryan Lancaster and Madison’s Mike Mason.


Benton’s Lance Chapman jumped out to a healthy early lead and outran early-season dominator Reggie Bickford of Oakland to the checkered flag in Monster Energy Drink Monsta Mini Feature action. Chapman and Bickford were joined on the podium by Skowhegan’s Dylan Lancaster, who fought off a late challenge by reigning division champion Mike Wilson of Chelsea. Bob Grady of Pittston rounded out the top five.


Cornville’s Bard Bosworth – the most prolific feature winner last year in Unity Raceway’s Teen Thunder class – picked up his first feature victory in an adult class while holding off veteran racer Zach Audet of New Sharon in the Aable Auto Parts Flyin’ 4 division main event. Bosworth was flawless while setting then pace, especially when dealing with lapped traffic. Skowhegan’s Shdaow Folsom drove to the final podium finishing position, in front of Augusta’s Cody Sleeper and Brian Nickerson of Noridgewock.


Samantha Letourneau of Benton cruised to an impressive victory on the combined feature race for Waterville Oaks Ladies and Geo & Sons Teen Thunder divisions. Norridgewock’s Austin Clemons was the top-finishing teen.

The 25-lap Enduro race to wrap up the night’s competition was won by Lucas Porter of Norridgewock. Ken Pelotte and Rob Paddock grabbed sosond and third-place hardware.


Late Model: 1. x15 David Folsom I, Skowhegan; 2. 15 Frank Moulton, Burnham; 3. 23x Mike Hodgkins, Jefferson; 4. 09 Ed Drake, Vassalboro; 5. 10 Markus Lowe, Jackson; 6. 12 Seth Raven, Waldo; 7. 34 Jeff Burgess, Fairfield; 8. 25 Will Collins, Waldoboro; 9. 151 David ‘Deuce’ Folsom II, Skowhegan; 10. 51 Craig Robbins, Palermo; 11. 9 Dylan Turner, Freedom; 12. 110 Glenn Curtis, Hudson; 13. 63 Ricky Morse, St. Albans; 14. 6 Kyle Turner, Freedom; 15. 3 Darren Doucette, Sidney.


NELCAR Legends Cars: 31 Bobby Timmons, Windham; 2. 72 Kevin Hutchens, East Waterboro; 3. 56 Evan Beaulieu, Durham; 4. 399 Bob Weymouth, Topsham; 5. 33 Alan Smith, Lincoln; 6. 29 Tyler Jordan, Scarborough; 7. 48 Kendall Curit, Windham; 8. 10 Ed Getty, Gray; 9. 17 Terry Kirk, Durham; 10. 46 Chad Harrington, Richmond; 11. Anthony Pagliarulo; Groveland, Mass.; 12. Aaron Lewis, Scarborough; 13. Mathew Bourgoine, Newport.

Racin’ Paper Super Street: 1. Nate Weston, Madison; 21 Nick Huff, Orrington; 3. 11 Mike Fortier, Winslow; 4. 61 Shawn Austin, Norridgewock; 5. 94x, Donnie York, Thorndike.


Keystone Automotive Wildcats: 1. Carl McAlpine, Burnham; 2. Bryan Robbins, Montville; 3. Andy Turbovsky, Winslow; 4. 29 Chris King, Burnham; 5. 22 Ed Sleeper, Vassalboro; 6. 51r Matt Caldwell, Pittsfield; 7. 53 Richard Jackson, Hudson; 8. 24 Eddie Gilblair, Jr., Skowhegan; 9. 2 Ryan Robinson, N/A; DNS 33 Ed Gilblair, Skowhegan.

Uncle Henry’s Late Model Pro Four: 1. 20 Corey Walker, Augusta; 2. 94 Steve Rackliff, Starks; 3. 6x Cary Davis, Solon; 4. 81 Bryan Lancaster, Skowhegan; 5. 51 Mike Mason, Skowhegan; 6. Norm Cummings, Jr., Augusta; 7. 5 Bill Ellis, Parkman; 8. 21 Kevin Douglass, Sidney.


Monster Energy Drink Monsta Mini: 1. 64 Lance Chapman, Benton; 2. 10 Reggie Bickford, Oakland; 3. 1 Dylan Lancaster, Skowhegan; 4. 92 Mike Wilson, Chelsea; 5. 84 Bob Grady, Pittston; 6. 18 Tim Collins, Farmingdale; 7. 46 John Fortin, Vassalboro; 8. 77 Dominic Bailey, Benton.


Aable Auto Parts Flyin 4: 1. 15 Brad Bosworth, Cornville; 2. 19 Zach Audet, New Sharon; 3. z24 Shadow Folsom, Skowhegan; 4. 29 Cody Sleeper, Augusta; 5. 11 Bruce Nickerson, Norridgewock; 6. 316 Mike Gilbert, Canaan; 7. 5 Justin Moore, Madison; 8. 21 Matt Shaw, Burnham.


Waterville Oaks Ladies: 1. 5 Samantha Letourneau, Benton; 2. 18 Chelsea Young, Winterport; 3. 00 Alica Goodwin, Clinton; 4. 11 Mika Wilson, Chelsea; 5. 23 Amanda Batchelder, Fairfield; DQ 08 Shelby Kimball, Cornville.

Geo & Sons Teen Thunder: 1. 21 Austin Clemons, Norridgewock; 2. 61 Cole Robinson, Clinton; 3. 62 Kyle Robinson, Clinton; 4. 09 Matt Kimball; Cornville; 5. 18 Emily McAlpine, Burnham; 6. 15 Colby Robbins, Montville; 7. 88x Wes Turner, Montville; 8. Ricky Pease, N/A; 9. Kayla Chesley, Skowhegan.