Oxford, ME – Oxford Federal Credit Union Motor Mayhem Round One featured an action packed night, which lasted well after the final firework went off. Dennis Berry took home first place honors in the Spectator Drags competition after fighting his way through the preliminaries and beating Kyle Curtis for the top spot.

In the Smokey Donut show, Jim Pineo kept his Monte Carlo in a tight circle the whole time and after emerging from a blinding plume of smoke, won a standing ovation from the crowd as well as the first place check. Rob Kahkonen took second after kicking up a big cloud of smoke in his Ford Ranger pick-up.

In the Tag Team race, Kyle Hewins jumped out to a huge lead in his 5 lap portion of the 10 circuit race. He gave Skip Douglas all the lead he would need, after delivering the required jolt to his teammate’s rear bumper to send him on his way. The duo of Jason Berry and Troy Jordan finished a respectable second after Troy sped from the last starting row to second in his portion of the race.
The Chain Race, with teams of two cars linked together by chains, only featured 3 teams but had a great finish. Calvin Rose Jr. and Mike Childs sped to an easy runaway victory, but the battle for second came down to the final lap. After falling back when teammate Kyle Hewins nearly spun on the exit of turn four, Jamie Heath made up the distance in a few short laps. With the white flag out, Heath dove to the inside of Chain Race partners Larry Audet and Nicholas Dulac in turn two, taking second place away and holding them off at the stripe.

Next came the Compact Enduro Obstacle Course Race, where drivers battled each other while trying to avoid huge tractor tires and water soaked turns. Kyle Hewins, using the same #54 car that he won the Tag Team event in, jumped out to a commanding lead, and unlike most of his opponents, managed to navigate his car safely through the obstacles. The race was red flagged once when the #3 of Alison Moore spun around in turn 4 and was unable to get the car refired. Once the green flag flew again it was back to the Kyle Hewins show as he easily took the checkers. Skip Douglas came home second and was the only other car on the lead lap.  Troy Jordan finished third after clobbering two tires and having to have an engine fire put out after he brought the car to a stop.

Before the final race of the night, Central Maine Pyrotechnics tantalized the crowd with a great fireworks display, just one of eleven fireworks shows to come at Oxford Plains this season.  Once the lights were turned back on it was the Full Size Enduros time to take to the track. Running the same obstacle course, Mike Kyllonen in the #27 took the lead 5 laps into it, followed closely by Skip Douglas in the #68 and Mike Childs in the #1x. This event featured a lot more carnage as the massive tires and slippery conditions led to several pile-ups in the turns. The red flag flew on lap 17 when Kari Brown spun into oncoming traffic, and a lap later Mike Childs went from 3rd place to out of contention when his car drifted out of the groove and went over the turn 3 banking flipping onto its roof. Skip Douglas was black flagged after losing what was left of his flat, left front tire, and when the battle of attrition was over, only 5 cars were left running. Mike Kyllonen continued his impressive run and brought his car to Oxford Federal Credit Union victory lane. Jamie Heath in the #91 survived to finish second, and Jim Hart finished third in the #68x.

The Oxford Championship Series returns to action next Saturday during Sunoco Race Fuel Night.  The event will feature the OCS Ministock, Strictly Stock and Late Model divisions and the Rebel and Truck divisions from the Oxford Acceleration Series.  For more information, consult www.oxfordplains.com or find Oxford Plains Speedway on Facebook.

Spectator Drags

1 – Dennis Berry

2 – Kyle Curtis

Smokey Donut

1 – Jim Pineo

2 – Rob Kahkonen

Tag Team

1 – 68 Skip Douglass / 54 Kyle Hewins

2 – 7 Jason Berry / 6 Troy Jordan

3 – 2 Craig Bartlett / 91 Jamie Heath

4 – 43 David Bouchard / 37 David Brown

5 – 10 Jimmy Childs / 10x Kurt Hewins

6 – 27 Mike Kyllonen / 14 TJ Wing

7 – 8 Calvin Rose Jr / 8 Butch Keene

8 – 03c Kevin Webber / 11 John Childs

Also Ran:

07 Jake Roberti / 3 Alison Moore

69 Nicholas Dulac / 05 Gerard Cote

08 Gerald Parlin / 1 Larry Audet

8x Dustin Salley / 48 Jeff Jordan

88 Matt Kiley / 67 Michael Haynes

45me Dean Hayward / 39 Dan Barter

1x Mike Childs / 14 Bobby Scammon

55 Jason Cyr / 83 Mike St Germain

Chain Race

1 – 8 Calvin Rose Jr / 1x Mike Childs

2 – 91 Jamie Heath / 9 Kyle Hewins

3 – 1 Larry Audet / 69 Nicholas Dulac


1 – 54 Kyle Hewins

2 – 68 Skip Douglass

3 – 6 Troy Jordan

4 – 8 Calvin Rose Jr

5 – 83 Mike St Germain

6 – 43 David Bouchard

7 – 00 Troy Flaherty

8 – 2 Craig Bartlett

9 – 75 Rocky Cotton

10 – 39 Dan Barter

11 – 48 Jeff Jordan

12 – 14 TJ Wing

13 – 17 Dan Wade

14 – 8x Dustin Salley

15 – 37 Jeremy Lauzier

16 – 0 Mike Flaherty

17 – 3 Alison Moore

18 – 67 Michael Haynes

19 – 10x Jimmy Childs

20 – 07 Michele Jaffarian

21 – 7 Jason Berry

22 – 05 Gerard Cote

23 – 72 Eric Galarneau

Full Size

1 – 27 Mike Kyllonen

2 – 91 Jamie Heath

3 – 68x Jim Hart

4 – 55 Jason Cyr

5 – 8 Butch Keene

6 – 68 Skip Douglass

7 – 9 Joshua Salley

8 – 88 Jimmy Cushman

9 – 1x Mike Childs

10 – 03c Kevin Webber

11 – 37 Kari Brown

12 – 11 John Childs

13 – 14 Bobby Scammon

14 – 1 Larry Audet

15 – 50 Drew Lavoie

16 – 08 Gerald Parlin

17 – 69 Lisa Brooks