Lisbon, Me…..

21 cars attempted to qualify for the Beech Ridge race. Finishing in 22nd due to fuel pump issues the #45 Youth Move Maine, Autism Society of Maine Chevy, was stuck in the pits. It was deemed by NASCAR and Travis Dunbar that it was not safe for the #45 to hit the track without a practice run to shake the car down. The team worked very hard to make the race and was ready to go in the pits. Travis Dunbar gave NASCAR a lot of credit for being safety conscious and giving him last place points to stay in the points hunt.

“I knew going in the key was to show up today and be as smart as possible as not to cause any wrecks and lose respect from the other drivers,” says Dunbar. “My team was great, and stuff happens like this in racing all of the time – they were on it and just could not get it done in time for qualifying. I am glad we are all in one piece and we got last place finishing points. Overall, I’d say we had a pretty good day, but I would love to have a chance next time to race with my competitors.”

Kenneth Beasley has more of an owner’s perspective of the team’s performance. He states, “As an owner I was disappointed with the decision made by NASCAR. We just did not have the motor issues dealt with that we needed to be ready for qualifying. I have to give my team a lot of credit, they worked extremely hard to prepare the car, and they did a great job at the race track. I am very proud of them.” Travis adds, “One of the most important things though is that we had our sponsors from Youth Move Maine and DAP Photography Company with us at Beech Ridge, and from a marketing standpoint the exposure has been great. The fan base is continuing to build for us and we know that we are gaining popularity with the increased hits to our website and our Facebook page.”

The team had been on the car for close to two full weeks; which included a lot of late nights right into race day. Kenneth Beasley opened up his race shop for the Youth Move Maine Racing Team, so they could prepare for Beech Ridge.

Youth Move Maine Racing Team would like to send out a special thanks to Beasley Motorsports in Richmond, ME for the use of their race shop.