Barre, VT – Barre’s own Mike Bailey took full advantage of the Times Argus Mid-Season Championships double points night at Thunder Road on Thursday, July 15. Bailey earned his second career Thunder Road Late Model win after taking the lead on lap 21 after working his way to the front from his fifth starting position. He would lead all but one of the remaining 29 laps. Island Pond’s Reno Gervais edged out Montpelier’s Cris Michaud for second.

Point leader Dave Pembroke of Montpelier took fourth and held onto his point lead while Barre’s Nick Sweet took fifth and will take over the second spot in the Thunder Road Late Model Championship point standings.

Matt White moved his way from the 19th starting position to earn sixth while Rich Lowrey, Cody Blake, John Donahue, and Dave Whitcomb rounded out the top ten. Montpelier’s Phil Scott was second in the point standings going into the mid-season championships but had to settle for 13th.

The Bond Auto Tiger Sportsmen had a rough couple of laps to start out their feature and were pulled into the pits after just three laps and didn’t complete their race until after the Allen Lumber Street Stocks and Junkyard Warriors completed their main event.

When the action got back under way Milton’s Eric Badore worked his way to the lead and checked out on the remainder of the field. He was chased to the line by David Finck, Shawn Fleury, Tom Therrien and Ricky Roberts rounding out the top five. Tucker Williams, Derrick O’Donnell, Joel Hodgdon, Jason Corliss, and Brendan Moodie completed the top ten. The Bond Auto Tiger Sportsmen point leader headed into tonight was Tony Rossi who had to settle for fifteenth.

Graniteville’s Lloyd Blakely earned his eleventh career Allen Lumber Street Stock win, which places him in a tie with David Allen for second on the all time wins list. Joe Fecteau came in second, Joe Blais third, Donnie Yates fourth and Greg Adams completed the top five. Point leader Tim Campbell finished a solid ninth.

The top finishing Junkyard Warrior was Ken Christman for the seventh time this season. Fred Schroeder and Josh Erwin completed the podium.

Next Thursday, July 22 is Casella Waste Management night. All four divisions will be back for a regular event with a post time of 6:30pm.

Times Argus Mid-Season Championships
Thursday, July 15, 2010
Unofficial Results

Late Models

Pos      Car #   Driver                    Hometown

1           00VT   Mike Bailey           South Barre, VT

2           12VT   Reno Gervais         Island Pond, VT

3             6VT   Cris Michaud         E. Montpelier, VT

4           44VT   Dave Pembroke    Montpelier, VT

5           88VT   Nick Sweet            Barre, VT

6           42VT   Matt White           Northfield, VT

7             8VT   Richard Lowrey     Charlotte, VT

8           99VT   #Cody Blake          Barre, VT

9           26VT   John Donahue       Graniteville, VT

10         25VT   David Whitcomb   Essex Jct., VT

11         68VT   Brooks Clark          Fayston, VT

12          2NH   Tracie Bellerose    Gorham, NH

13         14VT   Phil Scott               Montpelier, VT

14         40VT   Eric Chase             Milton, VT

15           1VT   Brett Wheeler       Northfield, VT

16         16VT   Joey Becker           Jeffersonville, VT

17         74VT   Jerry Lesage          Winooski, VT

18         18VT   Jamie Fisher          Shelburne, VT

19           4VT   Doug Murphy        Tunbridge, VT

20         49VT   Nate Brown           Craftsbury, VT

21         81VT   Grant Folsom        Waitsfield, VT

22         34VT   Dylan Smith           Randolph, VT

Times Argus Mid-Season Championships – Thursday, July 15, 2010 – Thunder Road Late Models – Unofficial Results – 1. Mike Bailey (00VT) South Barre, VT, 2. Reno Gervais (12VT) Island Pond, VT, 3. Cris Michaud (6VT) E. Montpelier, VT, 4. Dave Pembroke (44VT) Montpelier, VT, 5. Nick Sweet (88VT) Barre, VT, 6. Matt White (42VT) Northfield, VT, 7. Richard Lowrey (8VT) Charlotte, VT, 8. #Cody Blake (99VT) Barre, VT, 9. John Donahue (26VT) Graniteville, VT, 10. David Whitcomb (25VT) Essex Jct., VT, 11. Brooks Clark (68VT) Fayston, VT, 12. Tracie Bellerose (2NH) Gorham, NH, 13. Phil Scott (14VT) Montpelier, VT, 14. Eric Chase (40VT) Milton, VT, 15. Brett Wheeler (1VT) Northfield, VT, 16. Joey Becker (16VT) Jeffersonville, VT, 17. Jerry Lesage (74VT) Winooski, VT, 18. Jamie Fisher (18VT) Shelburne, VT, 19. Doug Murphy (4VT) Tunbridge, VT, 20. Nate Brown (49VT) Craftsbury, VT, 21. Grant Folsom (81VT) Waitsfield, VT, 22. Dylan Smith (34VT) Randolph, VT.

Bond Auto Tiger Sportsmen

Unofficial Results

Pos   Car #      Driver                       Hometown

1            04      Eric Badore              Milton, VT

2            37      David Finck               Barre, VT

3            31      Shawn Fleury            Middlesex, VT

4            48      Tom Therrien           Hinesburg, VT

5              9      Ricky Roberts           Washington, VT

6            17      Tucker Williams       Hyde Park, VT

7            68      Derrick O’Donnell    Bradford, VT

8            36      Joel Hodgdon           Craftsbury, VT

9            61      #Jason Corliss           Danville, VT

10          94      Brendan Moodie      Wolcott, VT

11          33      #Alex Ferno              E. Montpelier, VT

12            2      John Lambert           Northfield, VT

13          58      Jimmy Hebert          Williamstown, VT

14          16      George May             Barre, VT

15          90      Tony Rossi                Peacham, VT

16          00      Joe Steffen               Essex Jct., VT

17          18      Lance Allen              Barre, VT

18          01      #Mike Martin           Craftsbury, VT

19            8      Mike Billado             Essex, VT

20          23      Matt Potter              Marshfield, VT

21          10      Josh Demers             Middlesex, VT

22            5      Troy Gray                 Fairlee, VT

23          80      Pete Ainsworth, Jr.   Middlesex, VT

24          26      Mike Ziter                Williamstown, VT

25          29      #Jason Allen             Barre, VT

26            4      Bobby Therrien        Hinesburg, VT

Times Argus Mid-Season Championships – Thursday, July 15, 2010 – Bond Auto Tiger Sportsmen – Unofficial Results – 1. Eric Badore (04) Milton, VT, 2. David Finck (37) Barre, VT, 3. Shawn Fleury (31) Middlesex, VT, 4. Tom Therrien (48) Hinesburg, VT, 5. Ricky Roberts (9) Washington, VT, 6. Tucker Williams (17) Hyde Park, VT, 7. Derrick O’Donnell (68) Bradford, VT, 8. Joel Hodgdon (36) Craftsbury, VT, 9. #Jason Corliss (61) Danville, VT, 10. Brendan Moodie (94) Wolcott, VT, 11. #Alex Ferno (33) E. Montpelier, VT, 12. John Lambert (2) Northfield, VT, 13. Jimmy Hebert (58) Williamstown, VT, 14. George May (16) Barre, VT, 15. Tony Rossi (90) Peacham, VT, 16. Joe Steffen (00) Essex Jct., VT, 17. Lance Allen (18) Barre, VT, 18. #Mike Martin (01) Craftsbury, VT, 19. Mike Billado (8) Essex, VT, 20. Matt Potter (23) Marshfield, VT, 21. Josh Demers (10) Middlesex, VT, 22. Troy Gray (5) Fairlee, VT, 23. Pete Ainsworth, Jr. (80) Middlesex, VT, 24. Mike Ziter (26) Williamstown, VT, 25. #Jason Allen (29) Barre, VT, 26. Bobby Therrien (4) Hinesburg, VT.

Allen Lumber Street Stocks/Junkyard Warriors

Unofficial Results

Pos      Car #   Driver                        Hometown

1            03ss   Lloyd Blakely             Graniteville, VT

2            75ss   Joe Fecteau                Hardwick, VT

3            14ss   Joe Blais                     E. Barre, VT

4            05ss   #Donnie Yates           N. Montpelier, VT

5            38ss   Greg Adams               Hardwick, VT

6            43ss   Jamie Davis               Wolcott, VT

7            78ss   #Alex Whitcomb        Montpelier, VT

8            92ss   Garry Bashaw            Lincoln, VT

9            34ss   Tim Campbell, Sr.      W. Topsham, VT

10          47ss   William Hennequin   Morrisville, VT

11          51ss   #Sid Sweet Jr.            Williamstown, VT

12          66ss   Travis Hull                 Graniteville, VT

13            3ss   Micheal MacAskill     Williamstown, VT

14          25ss   Jennifer Getty            Cambridge, VT

15          29ss   Gary Mullen              Tunbridge, VT

16          26ss   Danny Doyle              Hancock, VT

17            9ss   Ron Gabaree             Barre, VT

18          77ss   Dave Whitcomb         Elmore, VT

19          13ss   Markus Farnham       Randolph Ctr., VT

20          04ss   Scott Weston             Berlin, VT

21          4jyw   Ken Christman           Cabot, VT

22        12jyw   Fred Schroeder          Bristol, VT

23        57jyw   Josh Erwin                  Waterbury, VT

24          73ss   Vern Woodard           Graniteville, VT

25        88jyw   Thomas Elwood         Morrisville, VT

26          33ss   #Thomas Placey        Bradford, VT

27          20ss   Eric Johnson               Randolph Ctr., VT

28            7ss   Jean LeBlanc              Gorham, NH

Times Argus Mid-Season Championships – Thursday, July 15, 2010 – Allen Lumber Street Stocks/Junkyard Warriors – Unofficial Results – 1. Lloyd Blakely (03ss) Graniteville, VT, 2. Joe Fecteau (75ss) Hardwick, VT, 3. Joe Blais (14ss) E. Barre, VT, 4. #Donnie Yates (05ss) N. Montpelier, VT, 5. Greg Adams (38ss) Hardwick, VT, 6. Jamie Davis (43ss) Wolcott, VT, 7. #Alex Whitcomb (78ss) Montpelier, VT, 8. Garry Bashaw (92ss) Lincoln, VT, 9. Tim Campbell, Sr. (34ss) W. Topsham, VT, 10. William Hennequin (47ss) Morrisville, VT, 11. #Sid Sweet Jr. (51ss) Williamstown, VT, 12. Travis Hull (66ss) Graniteville, VT, 13. Micheal MacAskill (3ss) Williamstown, VT, 14. Jennifer Getty (25ss) Cambridge, VT, 15. Gary Mullen (29ss) Tunbridge, VT, 16. Danny Doyle (26ss) Hancock, VT, 17. Ron Gabaree (9ss) Barre, VT, 18. Dave Whitcomb (77ss) Elmore, VT, 19. Markus Farnham (13ss) Randolph Ctr., VT, 20. Scott Weston (04ss) Berlin, VT, 21. Ken Christman (4jyw) Cabot, VT, 22. Fred Schroeder (12jyw) Bristol, VT, 23. Josh Erwin (57jyw) Waterbury, VT, 24. Vern Woodard (73ss) Graniteville, VT, 25. Thomas Elwood (88jyw) Morrisville, VT, 26. #Thomas Placey (33ss) Bradford, VT, 27. Eric Johnson (20ss) Randolph Ctr., VT, 28. Jean LeBlanc (7ss) Gorham, NH.